Friday, October 5, 2007

Flashback Friday - Mother and Daughter

It was so fun looking through pictures of Audrey for her Birthday Post! Some of the older ones I haven't seen for a long time. I found a bunch of shots of just me and her that I adored, so here we are! I hope you enjoy. I just love my Flicka to pieces! (There was no school today so we borrowed that movie from Kev's mom and watched it last night and it's SO good. I don't even like Country music but Tim McGraw's song at the end of it about watching daughters grow up made me cry - in a good way! Oh and Flicka means a young, beautiful girl. Now she has another new nickname!)

This is mom with Audrey in her tummy getting ready for a Christmas party at our house. I didn't know I was pregnant yet - but was just barely! That was a year or so before we learned about and started to eat healthy. Back when we bought pop and junk food. Now we never buy it and hardly ever eat or drink it either! (All things in moderation...)

My last Christmas (see our Christmas tree in the background?) before I would be a momma!

Me and Audrey in my tummy (sticking out a little) in Arizona a couple months before I had her. Kevin and I and his family all went on a family trip to Salt Lake (Temple Square), Southern Utah (Lots of gorgeous Red Rock and scenery), and Arizona (The Grand Canyon, Kevin's parent's friends, and Kevin's Great Aunt Shauna's.) This was at Kevin's parent's friend's house in AZ and I'm holding one of their 2 twin poodles. There's an awesome pool in the background!

Mommy and Audrey at one day old!

What a cute little sun dress - we're all ready for church during her first summer!

That summer I loved to cover up her beautiful bald head with hats!

Headbands were fun too!

She reminds me of Kaden here!

But looking more feminine of course!

We loved to play in her Pooh Bear room!

This is about a month before she got a brother! It seems like forever ago when she was an only child. It was a special time. But now having more children is even more special!

I had us pose the same to see if I could understand why people said we looked alike. After this picture I said o.k., maybe a LITTLE BIT. But not a lot!

This is at a Mother-Daughter Enrichment at the City Park! A Hawaiian Night! (The night I won the Hula Hoop contest!) How Fun!

Mommy and Audrey love each other so much!

My little helper - even with opening my own Christmas presents! :)

Hanging out in a real HOT hot tub out on the patio of the resort in Estes Park.

Mom and a daughter that is growing up faster than she knows what to do about!

For heaven sakes she is 6 years old in this picture (well, it was taken 2 days before her b-day.) She's tall and thin, she's smart as a whip, she has even lost 2 teeth and has a permanent one almost all grown in. I guess I have to face the fact she is growing up now!


Anonymous said...

I love the mother/daughter photos and am glad you have such a great relationship. Love you both! MOM

Rebecca D. said...

You two really look a lot a like!!!lucky little girl!!!!

janeen said...

I love all the pictures.