Thursday, January 28, 2010


Kyle went to school yesterday with

all of his teeth and came home with

one gone.

It feel out at school and not only did he

his tooth but he "lost" it too!

It fell on the floor and apparantly all of his friends and he were looking on the ground for it but

no luck!

It had been really loose for 11 days
and I was wondering when it would come out!

Kev kept trying to pull it

but Ky wouldn't have that!

Excuse the was a very busy day so i didn't have time to take the picture until bedtime.

I asked him where he wanted

to take the picture
and he said

"in front of the door because that's where I was when you first saw it...coming in the door from getting off the bus!"

Good idea, Ky Guy!

Where has the time gone?!

My little baby boy is growing up fast!

A tooth gone and in exactly 3

months from today
he will be
6 years old!

I am so proud of the Wonderful Little Man

you are becoming!