Friday, April 27, 2007

Flashback Friday and 04/27/2007

This is a video of Audrey at Kevin's Grandma's house in February!
Audrey got to bring home her newly - out of it's chrysalis - butterfly she named "Pilly" today! Her and her preschool class each got a caterpillar and got to watch the whole process of them changing!!

Pilly up close! How cute!!

I had to show this - yesterday I chalked the kids names - Kaden kept crawling on his and then I had this idea.

Today when we went outside I got the littlest bike out and put Kaden on it!

Look mom, no hands! He was jumping on it like he was on a horse!!

Playing outside = BATHTIME! My kids all have always loved taking baths.

Audrey was hiding behind the curtain being the "fairy godmother." She kept saying "just touch the bubbles when you need me!"

The babies always start out with more hair in the back and on the side than the front. Can we say mullets?!

Kyle wanted to feed Kaden tonight before bed!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I love what you do for me - Toyota!

Do you remember those commercials? I tried to teach Audrey the "toyota jump" but she wasn't getting it. I settled for what we eastern cheerleaders called a russian - they call it a toe touch out here. We got our Sienna 2 and a half weeks ago and love it! Since Kev works for Toyota we got a great deal!!

I thought this was cute. It's a prep for her russian but I thought it looked like a happy dance jig!

Goodbye Glenda and Playing Outside!

Today was Kyle's last day of occupational therapy and you can tell he was a little sad about it. He only had it for a few months, but I learned a lot from his teacher Glenda. She was wonderful at teaching and the kids had a great time with her. Kyle was diagnosed with a slight sensory integration issue about 6 months ago and I do think he has a tiny bit of sensory overload here and there (most normal kids have this sometimes anyways) but Glenda and I agreed most of his problems were due to a new baby and 2 different moves in a short amount of time. He's above average on everything he's been tested for (fine and gross motor skills, receptive language, etc.) except for speech articulation. His speech therapy he partakes in is what I really think he needs so he can improve his diction and pronunciation. I'm glad we had our time with Glenda though because she did give me a lot of great tips and suggestions! Thanks Glenda!!

This morning Kevin put together the wagon Kyle got for Christmas from his Grandma Hansen. We were thrilled to use it for a walk!

Sometimes people say they think Audrey is a lot like me and in this picture she's being just like me. I can NOT resist kissing babies heads!
I'm just "tickled to death" (a phrase my Grandma Anderson used to say) about the weather. It's so fun for the kids to be outside and I enjoy it greatly too!

Glenda had let Audrey and Kyle use stamps on tiles and then I baked them to make coasters. Can you guess which one the 2 year old did?

After that the kids got their pictures with them and went to bed!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Today we went to Audrey's tap/ballet/jazz class. She is going to be doing 2 dances for her recital at this studio - one tap and one jazz - in less than a month. She is ready. She's a joy to watch dance!

After dance and lunch I had the opportunity to help my friend Kim Cardon by taking her two oldest, Dallin and Hailey, for the day while she ran errands with her newborn baby. I feel so happy when others let me serve them. I remember how many helped me when I had my babies - especially my 3rd (that being the hardest for most mothers) and I am so appreciative when I can do the same to others!

The Cardon kids loved saying "hi" to Kaden. He didn't mind one bit!

I think it's funny how (most?) kids have to put a finger in or on their mouth when they're watcing the t.v. These 3 sure had to today!

When we got outside, Kyle thought he should push his "little sister" as he called her (she's almost a year older than him) in the stroller.

And then my little 10 month old thought it would be fun to stand on the grass!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Family Home Evening

Kevin's not home Monday nights so we have our "f.h.e." on Sunday nights. Here's a video we took tonight of the kids dancing to the family home evening song we always play to transition to the start of it. (It's from the "I'm A Mormon" cassette tape from the 70's or 80's! Do any of you remember that?)

Live like you were dying

I went to my great Uncle Chub's (Gwen was his real name) funeral today. I have to say it was the longest funeral I ever remember being at but it was one of the best! All that was said about him was so wonderful. It truly was a life-changing day! I felt the Spirit of God teaching me that this man knew what it was all about. I want to live in a way so that my family, friends and all who I come in contact with will remember me in a positive, happy way! So here it is. The first blog entry many of you have been waiting for. I, Annette Anderson Hansen am going to start my online journal of my life and hopefully, it will be a little bit of a good thing in the lives of any who want to read it!