Friday, December 28, 2007

Hansen's Christmas Times!

Judging that the only comment I received on my last slideshow was from my mom, maybe these bore you, my readers - but oh well... I like them...

BTW the last pic looks like Kyle is going to pretend to hurt Audrey but really they were playing fire...she was stuck in a fire and he was going to use the axe to break the window and save her!

I'm off to Salt Lake for my Grandma's funeral on Monday - I think we'll leave tomorrow instead of Sunday as planned... wish us luck (pray) for our driving safely - there's been over a foot of snow accumulating over the last week - it's been snowing almost nonstop! And now there is a big storm coming...

Monday, December 24, 2007

Hansen's Hallmarks of December.. So Far

Among these and other things we have been asked to sing, sing sing

Nettie sang:

Breath of Heaven at Kev's sister's Single Ward's Christmas Concert two Sundays ago.

Mary's Lullaby at the Care Center (just one day after her Grandma died - this is at the same Care Center that her Grandma had lived at - she would have been there watching...)

There Within a Stable in church last Sunday

(in a sextet of seven as the first Soprano Soloist.)

Two Choir Songs on Sunday.

Kevin sang...

When Joseph Went to Bethlehem at his sister's concert she put together.

Two Choir Songs last Sunday

Audrey and Kyle sang...

Away in a Manger at the Ward Christmas Party, the concert their Aunt Melanie ran and at the Care Center.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Audrey is...

Audrey is...

Reading at a high 2nd to low 3rd grade level.

Here's a video of her reading a first grade level book for the first time - she'd never seen it before!

Audrey Is...

A Scholar.

Kevin and I were able to meet with her Kindergarten teacher a little over a week ago for Parent Teacher Conference. I pretty much knew what was going to be said and what the test results were going to be, but it still gave me a lot of joy and some good old fashioned pride (the nice kind.) She went into Kindergarten having already mastered all the goals for the children to reach by the end of the year. Her behavior and all of those areas are great, too!

When they started testing her the first week they immediately put her (and only one other child - one of her best friends, Sam) into the first grade. Sam and Audrey only spend around 20-30 minutes in Kindergarten for some recess and group time. The other 2 hours are in the 1st grade. When I saw the goals for the 1st grade and how she's pretty much met all of those it didn't surprise me either. I'm not trying to be an annoying, bragging mom. Actually, it's stressful having a gifted child when you're going to be moving and the school she's in now is the only one in the area that will move her up to where she needs to be. I'm currently praying that where we're going to build a house will be zoned into the school she goes to now. Otherwise, I might have to waive her in - and drive her everyday next year!!!

Audrey is...

A natural teacher.

While I cook dinner Audrey likes to reinforce what I'm teaching Kyle right now - how to write letters. It's easier for him with this magnetic board. She writes the letter with the magnetic pen and then Kyle gets the square magnet and traces over it. She has the best ideas!

Audrey is...

An energetic, goofy little girl.

Even if she's one of the top students in the grade ahead of her and socially mature, she is a kid at heart. She works hard but she also plays hard just the same!

Audrey is...

Still very in love with Rudolph (The Red Nosed Reindeer!)

I bought this toy at the D.I. when she was around 2 - the Christmas she fell in love with him. He was around $1.00 and every December she's ecstatic to see her friend again!

Last year I bought her a new one that sings and has his nose light up and everything, but she gave it to Kyle. She likes this one the best!