Thursday, May 31, 2007

Flashback Friday

O.k. Susan - it's time for your tribute! Where do I start?! I could only find these 3 pics of you with your firstborn, your Kevin, and this one makes me want to cry like a baby!! To think of the day my true love was born and to think about all that you and he went through. For those of you who don't know, it was a miracle both Kevin and his mom came out of his birth and delivery alive! You see, Susan (or any of her doctors) didn't know it but she had a broken pelvis from a car accident and so during delivery Kevin was stuck for a very unsafe amount of time. He was already in the birth canal so it was to0 late for a c-section! The only thing the doctor's could do was re break her pelvis, use a suction vacuum (notice the cone head) and forceps (if you look up close at Kev's face, he has a scar from those) and wait to see what happened. After Susan's heart stopping and starting again and Kevin's heart rate dropping dramatically, everything turned out o.k. Unbelievable! Susan, it amazes me how strong you were then and how strong you still are to this day. I look up to you for all you do even though you have the health problems you have. You just keep on going and going and doing for others! Thank you from all of us who you lend a (happy) helping hand to!!

This is a cute and funny picture! I love the fact that I can ask you about your children and their childhood and you remember so much about them and their stories and such! You always respected your kids for who they were and their individualities. You are so proud of them and see the good much more than any bad. You believe in them and their dreams and goals and support all of the good things they wish to do. Susan you are one of the best mothers and mother-in-laws there ever was!

I don't know what I did to deserve Kevin, let alone a one-of-a-kind group of in laws I gained. Susan I could not have asked for a better second family. I can't believe I was able to acquire a second mom that I love like my own! How could I luck out so much - twice?! You are so loving, kind, thoughtful, hard working, talented in the home, selfless, full of charity, patient, and you're so fun to talk to and you love to make friends with everyone! I love you with all my heart and soul! Thanks for everything you've done for me and taught me!!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Another late Flashback Friday...

O.k, so since I missed posting anything about Mother's Day, and my dad just had a birthday, I thought I would dedicate this Flashback post to my dear parents!

This is my beautiful mother when she was pregnant with me!
I'm sure her pregnancies weren't easy (she related to me when Audrey always kicked my ribs while in the womb, and said I did the same thing) but I'm sure she never complained. She's just not one to let anyone know there's ever anything wrong with her. What a great quality!

This is when I was just 2 weeks old - notice the unstable head! Since I've had babies of my own, I look at this picture differently. I now know what a sacrifice she went through to have me! In seeing how tiny I was in this picture I think of all the feedings, burpings and changings she was going through at the time. I am sure she was singing to me at almost all of them. I can remember her sweetness as early as possible although not this young. But, I've seen her with my infants doing so and it melts my heart to think of her doing it with me!

My Momma snuggling up with me on my first Christmas!
I have to admit I am almost tearing up right now. This picture is the epitome of my mother! Look at that expression! You can tell she knew that her children were her most important calling in life. She was made to be a mother. She was so gentle and loving from the start! As the years went by, I was able to learn and grow by having a mom who was so self-sacrificing, who was so calm, patient, charitable and kind. Who was a peacemaker. Who taught me about music and dancing and acting. Who taught me how to care for others. Who gave me the opportunity to develop my talents in many different areas. Who always listened to me and cared about what I said! Mom you are still all of those things and more. Thank you so much for being the best mother I could have ever had, the best Grandma you can be and for also always being and still being my best friend! I love and appreciate you in more ways than I could ever express!

My dad always played the recorder to us from the time I can remember! Now he plays it to my kids and even lets them try it out themselves! My dad wanted us kids to experience things. He wanted us to learn about the world. He's always been someone that loves to learn about this earth and about everything and everyone in it. He has always tried to share that excitement with us and still does. It brings such joy to my heart when I see him teaching my children about birds, flowers, animals, nature and science in general. It's such a gift he has!

Is it just me, or does he look proud?! Sometimes I wonder if my parents are as proud of me as my brothers (well, I guess this has been an ongoing thing since I can remember...) My father loves to tell the story of when I was born and they saw that it was a little girl. They were very proud and happy that day! They may have spoiled me a lot, but I know it was because of how fun it was for them to have a girl. Now that I have had children my dad has changed. He says his feelings and emotions more. He has expressed to me many times how proud he is of the mother I am. He has told me that my children are what I have to be proud of the most. He notices how hard it is to be a mother of 3 young ones and lets me know how well he thinks I'm doing. He tells me that they are worth more than anything I could acquire in this life. You know what? First of all, he's right! Second of all - thank you so much for saying those things, Dad. I appreciate that more than you could know! Sometimes it's a lot easier to get down on yourself for the mistakes you're made in life rather than realize what a great person you are and what differences you've made in people's lives!

Easter Sunday and all dressed up! My dad has always been a good dresser. The other day I happened to be in my parent's room and my dad asked me which tie (out of 3) should he choose to go with his dress shirt. I immediately remembered that growing up he did that every Saturday night for as long as I can remember about his church outfit for the next day! He almost always chose the one tie I picked! Dad all I can say is that your are one of the funniest, outgoing, outspoken, smart, handsome, interesting, energetic, mushy hearted (more recently than before - since the bypass maybe?) people I know! I love you so much and am so glad I have gotten to know you better these past few years. You are one of a kind and I love the many traits I picked up from you. (Although I am still trying to pick up more of mom's too so I can have the best from the best.)

I'm so thankful for my "out of this world", wonderful parents and all that they are to me!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Turnback Tuesday

I'm sorry it's been so long since I've posted! It's been so busy around here and we've been sharing all kinds of illnesses with each other. I'll give you a recap of the last couple of weeks in the next post! It will be a long one!!

Since I missed "Flashback Friday," here we go. In early April, a friend of mine that I grew up with in Rochester named Janeen came to Idaho Falls from Las Vegas. We were able to meet up at "Leos" - a family food and fun place here in town. She brought her sweet daughter with her and we were able to talk for quite sometime while the kids played. It was so great! There was a large group of Young Women in our church ward when we were teenagers and we had so much fun. We had amazing leaders who I believe really helped shape all of our lives for the better! Now a bunch of us have blogs that allow us to stay in touch. It's funny how different we were in high school but how similar we are now!

The boys loved the rides there!

Of course Audrey made a new friend like she does EVERYWHERE we go!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Audrey looks like who?

Since I started this blog, I've had a lot of comments about Audrey looking and being like me. Well, I have to admit I've always noticed that she does share some of my personality traits and talents, but I've NEVER thought she looked like me. I've always thought she looks more like Kevin's side of the family. Particularly his baby sister, Kellie. I don't have a picture of Audrey and Kellie on this computer right now (we're using our laptop - we don't have a place to hook up our PC yet.) But the next picture below is of Audrey and Kev's mom (who Kellie resembles quite a bit.) Let me know what you think!

Of course no matter who she does or doesn't look like, I think she is one of the most beautiful little girls I've ever known (and that is definately inside just as much as outside!)

Monday, May 14, 2007

To My Beautiful Wife and Mother of My Children

I wanted to take a minute to wish Annette a Happy Mother's Day. Not only is the person in this picture beautiful, but she is the keystone to this family, holding us up and together.

In an earlier posting, Annette captured Kyle saying that he was so cute because she made him. In my educated opinion, Annette is the reason all of our kids are cute, fun, talented, smart, and incredible people. I barely have time with our kids compared to what she spends with them. While they may get some of their good looks from me, it is her hard work, sacrificing of time, and devotion to our children that has greatly influenced who they are now.

I especially want to thank Annette for all she has done for me. Life hasn't always been easy, and sometimes that has been my fault. But, Annette has been there with me the whole time. Supporting me in school, different jobs, business ownership and now another new, more demanding job is more evidence of her sacrificing to keep the family going.

Nettie knows what is important. No matter how much may be going against us at times, no matter how good things are going for us, as long as her children and I love her, as long as she is helping us, she can find happiness.
Annette, we love and appreciate everything about you and everything you do for us!


Kevin, Audrey, Kyle & Kaden

Friday, May 11, 2007

Kaden walking on camera!

Kaden has been taking steps here and there for a month now. The thing about this time that made us so excited (and loud) is that we captured it on film. Kev got out his cell phone camera to try and tape him climbing up the playpen since he kept doing it during the bedtime reading books and scripture routine. Then he got more than he bargained for!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Flashback Friday

This is one of my favorite pictures of all three of the kids together. It was on the night of the "Festival of Trees," a function held every November at a hotel where there's lots of Christmas trees, performances, things to buy and most importantly, Santa! (Audrey's danced there every year since she was two.) There are plenty of times I try to get a cute pic of all of them together when I fail. But this time I didn't! :)

Monday, May 7, 2007

What a good answer!

I'm sorry that:
a.)I thought I could turn my camera like I do for pictures - but I can't when I'm using it as a video camera and
b.) that Kyle didn't have his pants back on after using the bathroom when I caught this.
But I had to post this video from the night of his birthday because I got on tape what I love to ask him as often as I remember and the great answer I've taught him to say!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

The day we let Pilly go

Early Monday morning Audrey was ready to say goodbye to Pilly, her caterpillar - turned butterfly. She brought her home from preschool on Friday and there was a note from her teacher saying she would live around 2 weeks. I thought once it had been almost 2 weeks I would have to convince Audrey to let her go, but I was wrong.

We opened up her little home she had for a week or so but she wouldn't fly off.

When I put her on my hands, she still wouldn't fly away. Then I realized her wings were probably wet from the sugar water we fed her and she needed them to be dry to fly. So, we set her in the sun.

Once she had sat in the sun for a good few hours she was flapping and flying around a lot so we knew she was ready then.

She went somewhere up there and as shocked as I am about it, I think I miss her more than Audrey! I'm so thankful for her preschool teacher and all of her efforts to make learning fun. This was such a great experience for all of our family!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Kyle is 3!!!

This is my newly 3 year old on his Birthday - 04/28/2007! (He wore those sunglasses all day, inside and out for some reason.) He looks like such a big boy to me. I wonder if he grew the night before his b-day while he was sleeping!

As soon as I heard Kyle wake up I hurried into his room and gave him his small presents. Then I made french toast. After that we got ready and went to Walmart. While shopping there I let him pick out a "My first Leapad" computer. Then we went to Artic Circle for lunch because they have slides there and he loved it. After that we grabbed him a Star Wars and Thomas the Train costume at the store Once Upon A Child. (He had fun playing in the play area - he didn't necessarily want the costumes but I HAD to get them so the next time Audrey gets into a Princess dress I can give him one of those to wear instead of him wearing a dress also!!) After that we went to Toys R Us and I let him pick one dvd. Then we went home, played outside, had dinner, baths and went to bed. We all had so much fun that we were exhausted!

The new 3 year old and his family Sunday night. We had a b-day get together with all the family in the area that could come.

I had this idea. Too bad this picture turned out a little too dark, though.

It seems like just yesterday!

The family!

And lastly, here's what his cake looked like. Thanks, Janeen for the idea!