Saturday, May 26, 2007

Another late Flashback Friday...

O.k, so since I missed posting anything about Mother's Day, and my dad just had a birthday, I thought I would dedicate this Flashback post to my dear parents!

This is my beautiful mother when she was pregnant with me!
I'm sure her pregnancies weren't easy (she related to me when Audrey always kicked my ribs while in the womb, and said I did the same thing) but I'm sure she never complained. She's just not one to let anyone know there's ever anything wrong with her. What a great quality!

This is when I was just 2 weeks old - notice the unstable head! Since I've had babies of my own, I look at this picture differently. I now know what a sacrifice she went through to have me! In seeing how tiny I was in this picture I think of all the feedings, burpings and changings she was going through at the time. I am sure she was singing to me at almost all of them. I can remember her sweetness as early as possible although not this young. But, I've seen her with my infants doing so and it melts my heart to think of her doing it with me!

My Momma snuggling up with me on my first Christmas!
I have to admit I am almost tearing up right now. This picture is the epitome of my mother! Look at that expression! You can tell she knew that her children were her most important calling in life. She was made to be a mother. She was so gentle and loving from the start! As the years went by, I was able to learn and grow by having a mom who was so self-sacrificing, who was so calm, patient, charitable and kind. Who was a peacemaker. Who taught me about music and dancing and acting. Who taught me how to care for others. Who gave me the opportunity to develop my talents in many different areas. Who always listened to me and cared about what I said! Mom you are still all of those things and more. Thank you so much for being the best mother I could have ever had, the best Grandma you can be and for also always being and still being my best friend! I love and appreciate you in more ways than I could ever express!

My dad always played the recorder to us from the time I can remember! Now he plays it to my kids and even lets them try it out themselves! My dad wanted us kids to experience things. He wanted us to learn about the world. He's always been someone that loves to learn about this earth and about everything and everyone in it. He has always tried to share that excitement with us and still does. It brings such joy to my heart when I see him teaching my children about birds, flowers, animals, nature and science in general. It's such a gift he has!

Is it just me, or does he look proud?! Sometimes I wonder if my parents are as proud of me as my brothers (well, I guess this has been an ongoing thing since I can remember...) My father loves to tell the story of when I was born and they saw that it was a little girl. They were very proud and happy that day! They may have spoiled me a lot, but I know it was because of how fun it was for them to have a girl. Now that I have had children my dad has changed. He says his feelings and emotions more. He has expressed to me many times how proud he is of the mother I am. He has told me that my children are what I have to be proud of the most. He notices how hard it is to be a mother of 3 young ones and lets me know how well he thinks I'm doing. He tells me that they are worth more than anything I could acquire in this life. You know what? First of all, he's right! Second of all - thank you so much for saying those things, Dad. I appreciate that more than you could know! Sometimes it's a lot easier to get down on yourself for the mistakes you're made in life rather than realize what a great person you are and what differences you've made in people's lives!

Easter Sunday and all dressed up! My dad has always been a good dresser. The other day I happened to be in my parent's room and my dad asked me which tie (out of 3) should he choose to go with his dress shirt. I immediately remembered that growing up he did that every Saturday night for as long as I can remember about his church outfit for the next day! He almost always chose the one tie I picked! Dad all I can say is that your are one of the funniest, outgoing, outspoken, smart, handsome, interesting, energetic, mushy hearted (more recently than before - since the bypass maybe?) people I know! I love you so much and am so glad I have gotten to know you better these past few years. You are one of a kind and I love the many traits I picked up from you. (Although I am still trying to pick up more of mom's too so I can have the best from the best.)

I'm so thankful for my "out of this world", wonderful parents and all that they are to me!


janeen said...

Wow, I didn't even recognize your mom in her most recent picture. She looks good and Your Dad looks good too. Tell them I say hi!
It's fuuny how we actually grow to apprecitae how much our parents sacrafice for us once we have our own kids. Like you, I just hope I am doing enough as a mom for my kids.

PandinaFamily said...

That was such a touching "tribute" I have tears in my eyes, not only because it is all true, not only because I now look at my parents in an entirly new way, but also because your house was a second home to me, and yours were my second set of parents. All I have to add is "HERE HERE"!

Rebecca D. said...

AWWWW! It's great to see your folks again! I love all the kind things you have to say about your parents! hopefully we can all take the wonderful things our parents have taught us and apply them to our own families!

Katie McKlusky sends her best!

Rochelle Oleson said...

I have to say you look so much like your mom! wow! what a nice post. very sweet!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely tribute, Annette. You can't know how much it means to dad and me. Being parents is the most important thing to us; we love our kids so much. After having our two boys and thinking our family was complete, we were so thrilled to have our little girl come along. And you have never failed to amaze us with your beauty, compassion, your energy and many talents. You try so hard to be the best mom you can be, and we're happy that we can be close to your kids and watch them grow up. We wish we could be closer to the other grandchildren too. Thanks again; we love you!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I forgot to add the Love, Mom. I hope you could tell who my message was from. Also, I wanted to add that we were really touched by Alison's kind words about us. We think of her often and wish her all the best. Mom

p.s. I'm not smart enough (blogsmart, that is) to post comments like other people.

Greg Anderson said...

Thanks for this post Annette. We really do have wonderful parents and I love seeing the flashback pictures. I don't think I've even seen some of those photos. Thanks for keeping a blog and remembering the past as well. We are truly blessed to have such loving parents. They always showed that family was their first priority.