Saturday, March 13, 2010

Remember the Jetsons?

Audrey's jazz dance has a mix of some of the theme song from the "Jetsons" along with

"The Future is Alive."

It is such a fun and cute dance (and so is Audrey!)

Yesterday she performed at a dance show and...

...she and her team did awesome!

I snapped some shots of her in her Hip Hop costume too!
She is such a natural poser - she came up with all of these herself!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Long lost... from December and January! It seems so long ago - I guess because we've been so busy non-stop!

Ward Christmas party! That night we told Audrey the Santa "secret." She was a little sad at first but then she got REALLY excited when we told her she could help us!

This was the first year Kyle didn't hesitate!

Gotta get a picture of Ky with his best friend Sadie - we all love her and her family!

Kaden enjoyed this...just now when I was uploading this picture he yelled "Me and Santa!" "Mom, I want a copy of that picture to hang in my room!!"

I got invited to a Temple picture-making party! I made this - with help, but I did most of it myself! When I got home Kevin loved it and went right to Home Depot to get what he needed to hang it! It was hanging on our wall within an hour!

Audrey had her first piano recital! She took piano lessons last year and had a great teacher but she never did any recitals. This year she takes from my amazingly talented neighbor and friend and she had the recital at the Piano Gallery!

It was so special for the students to be able to play on the gorgeous grand piano that retailed for $75,000!

Of course Audrey wasn't nervous and did great! She loves playing the piano, practicing and learning the songs Robyn teaches her, figuring out songs she's familiar with on her own by ear, or sometimes making up her own!

This is one of the 16 crafts I made at our ward's "Super Saturday." I gave it to my brother and sister-in-law for Christmas.

This is me and two of my (many) new friend's in our Church ward. Another friend came late but refused a new picture with her in it. I am just loving all the wonderful women I'm becoming friends with here in the neighborhood and ward!

This is Audrey at the school Christmas program. She did great! She was one of the few kids with a speaking part and of course she nailed it! She was having fun dancing along to the songs with some friends and I got compliments from other parents like I always do that she is a joy to watch. BTW, you might wonder what's going on with her right eye...she had just gotten pink eye that night!

Here's Audrey in her hip hop costume for dance this year.

It's to the song "Stand Out" and at the end there's a mix of "Crazy!"

It is such a fun dance!

She's improved so much at hip hop. She's always been such a natural at ballet and awesome at jazz but last year was her first year ever doing hip hop and she was trying to figure out being so lose and "chunky" as they call it. Don't get me wrong, she was great - she had still made the competing team which is very hard to make...

...but this year she's really getting all the moves all the way!

Audrey had her own fan club at her winter dance recital this year - Kev and I, Kyle and Kaden, 3 out of 4 grandparents, Aunt Melanie, Aunt Kellie, Uncle Paul, Ian, Isaac and Mercedes (visiting from AZ) Uncle Eric and Sage (visiting from SLC!)

We (along with my mom and dad) went to Red Robin with Eric and Sage afterwards because they were leaving the next day.

Wow! There's a lot of similarities there, if I do say so!

Cousins = let's be goofy together!

Totally goofy!

Kaden was a little tuckered out!

Kev's family's friend got re-married (her husband died many years ago) and we went to the wedding reception where we all cut a's Audrey and Kevin ballroom dancing. She loves getting swung around!

Fun to watch!

The boys just ran and ran!

After that we had a game night and a movie at our house with Kev's sisters and a a friend! The movie ended at around 4am!

Snow fun!

Kev spent hours building snow cave for the kids one day!

The helped and were very happy with the results!

Ky made a "snow alien dog" too!

The first Sunday in January all my kids went to Primary together! Here they are with their new CTR rings - Audrey's is the one she got for her Baptism and the boys have on the ones from Primary they received there!

Pretty weird that my baby is now a SUNBEAM!!! Here he is with ctr ring - he did awesome and went right in with no problems!