Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ky Guy is Five

Kev and I collaborated on these. I love how they turned out!

When we asked Kyle if he wanted a friend b-day party this year at first he said "Ya - with Sage and Mike." Those are his cousins and one lives in UT. So, I helped him think of some friends to come along with Mike. (Last year we asked him if he wanted a friend party and he didn't.)

We had it at Gameworld and it was perfect for him. He loves to play on the computer and the week we had the Wii for free was so fun for him. So, video games everywhere plus bumper cars and a play place equaled heaven for him!

Here's a picture of Sam bumping Ky!

(We let all the kids ride the bumper cars once, get a bracelet to play in the play place and they got to pick 2 games to play.)

Kaden was too small to ride the bumper cars at Disneyland - even with and adult! So getting to ride them that day was so exciting for him!

They were a hit for everyone and it was great to see Kyle having so much fun on them.

Peyton and Kyle played air hockey.

Here we have Ky playing a car racing game - stretching down low to reach the gas pedal!

Cousin Mike was big enough to ride alone but chose to ride with his Uncle Kevin. He had so much fun and was adorable to watch!

It was so wonderful to see Ky with friends! He's so shy naturally so it's great to see him interacting with his peers - he really enjoyed the party!

Notice how everyone's trying to help him blow the candle out? The Spiderman one was tricky.

Squirt guns from Kira - his friend from our last church ward.

Dart gun and Spiderman kite from Peyton - his friend from Preschool.

Iron Man writing toy - from Sam, Kira's brother.

Mickey Mouse Play House Lego Set from Grandma and Grandpa Hansen and 5 Dollars from Great Grandma Walton.

Cotton Candy from Natalie - Kira's sister.

Light saber and Bubbles from Mike - his cousin.

T-ball set from Lucy - a friend from preschool and her sister Gracie.

Lucy and Gracie riding the toy truck.

Kaden on the rocket ride.

This was one of Kyle's favorites.

After the party we stayed awhile longer to use up the tokens. Audrey made a friend in the play place and stayed there almost the whole time.

This was a fun one and gave lots of tickets.

Kaden enjoyed this one too.

Go Ky Guy!

Kyle bumping me and Kaden.

Ky bumps daddy!

Audrey is not into video games. (Even when we had the Wii she only liked bowling and making the "Mii.") She tried one and wasn't into it. She did ride the train, though!

One happy boy. It was such a great day!

The day before the party Cafe Rio opened. It's right next to Gameworld! When we came out we asked Ky if he wanted to eat at the new restaurant for his b-day dinner and he said "YES!" We all enjoyed it. We saw 4 people we knew, everyone was excited to go there!

Here's Kyle on his real b-day - April 28th!

He had Kev put his Spiderman tatoo on his HEAD! Spiderman's doing the I love you sign.

That night Grandpa and Grandma Anderson were home from their trip and since they missed the party they took us to Red Robin for Ky's birthday.

BTW, Is it bad that I like Red Robin better than Cafe Rio which is supposed to be "The Best?!" (Maybe it's because I like Mexican better if I cook it myself?)

It was a fun night!

BTW, we got Ky a few things but his party was his main gift. We did get him a Lego set and Kaden dumped them out and spread them out btw. two rooms and a hall today...all 500 pieces. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Kyle you are a wonderful 5 year old.

5 reasons I love you...out of 5,000

1.) You are so nice to me. You say nice things to me like "Mom, you're beautiful" (at least once a day.) You do chores for me (sometimes without being asked.) You help me with Kaden (lately with his potty training.) And you need me more than anyone else in this world (it seems like.) Sometimes it's hard when I want to drop you off at a class and you need me, and although I'll never show it because I want you to be confidant, deep down it makes me feel good that you love me so much that you want me around.

2.) You are such a smart little boy. You are still very very good with numbers. And now you can read! You are a natural with computers and are already better at some things on them than me! You are very good at remembering songs, stories, poems, etc. You are going to do great in Kindergarten this fall.

3.) You are very talented at singing, dancing, gymnastics, althetics (you finally get to start soccer next month) and you are very close to learning how to swim on your own! Also, you have a passion for art and cooking/baking!

4.) You are so stinking handsome sometimes I can't believe it. You look a lot like Uncle Greg and yet, I'm realizing that the person you look the most like is actually your Grandma Bonnie! You have her shape of face, her hair color, her big beautiful lips, smile and teeth and her eye shape (with my green eyes instead of her blue ones!) We are going to be in trouble - oh wait we already Disneyland, Cinderella herself told you to call her when you're 16!

5.) You try to choose the right. You are so happy when you are sweet and kind and try to do good things. You just glow when you are doing the best you can do. Your huge smile radiates love. You are naturally affectionate and can give the best hugs and kisses.

I love you Kyle Christopher Hansen, Kyle, Bud, Buddy, Ky, Ky Guy and MY Sweetheart!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hansen's 2009 Family Vacation -Part 2

Sea World was amazing! All three kids have always loved any and all animals. We did it in a day, yet we saw and participated in everything we wanted to. I would highly recommend it!

Family picture!

Shamu gets some of the audience wet!

How does she do that?

The bat rays were a big hit!

All of us got to touch them and it was so cool!

We really enjoyed that part!


Here's how exciting it was!

The dolphins are great jumpers!

This one is treading water and looking like it's dancing on water.

How cute are they when they say "hi" to the audience?!

The seals are hungry!

This one had his ball. It was so funny though, there was one that was playing with a penny. It was adorable but unsafe so a worker there had to go get the penny out of the pool!

Kaden's ready for Sesame Street 4D.

Ky and me are happy together waiting for the show to start!

Kaden said these guys were Nemo and Merlin!

Cool Jellyfish!

Rescued Manatees!

A scary shark!

This was fun to look up and see sharks!

Audrey chases a big fish.

This tortoise was tired.

Saying goodbye to Shamu.

He loved to twist and turn in the water.

Kaden and the sunset at a nearby beach.

All the kids say goodbye to the sun for the night.

Fireworks from our balcony at the Anaheim Resort.