Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hansen Family Vacation 2009 - Part 1

A stop for lunch in Southern Utah on the way to Vegas.

Kaden was excited to get out of the van!

The scenery was that red rock.

All of the kids did great on the ride! Audrey and Kyle had fun playing together.

This is the pool area view from the balcony at the resort we stayed at in Vegas.

A great shot of the kids in front of the fountains.

The lazy river was fun but I took all the pictures in the hot tub (It was a hot tub/pool.)

Cute little Kaden having so much fun in the water.

Kyle was in heaven!

Audrey doing the crawl.

Pretty girl with palm trees!

Kaden was having a blast! All of the other people around us thought he was so cute and kept talking to him!

Handsome boy in front of palm trees.

Jump Ky Guy!

Isn't it relaxing in there, Kade?

Kade boy blows bubbles!

Audge relaxing after hours of swimming!

The view at night was amazing!

The next morning we got up early and drove to Newport Beach, CA!

I love Audrey's eyes in this picture.

Here she is excited to find a bird feather.

All the kids play in the sand.

Kaden shows us a two year old's view of the ocean.

What a cutie pie!

He's jumping for joy!

He was running around like a mad man he was so happy!

Audrey was ecstatic!

Ky's loving the sand.

It was perfect the first few hours. (It got cloudy and a little chilly later.)

It was so fun watching Kade running in and out of the ocean!

Like all new things, Ky wasn't sure at first but he soon found he loved the ocean!

My little guy Kaden cracks me up when he runs, he's so adorable.

The boys with their feet in the sand.

"My guys."

Audrey had no fear of the waves.

A cartwheel on the sand - of course she would think of this!

I love how the bucket looks bigger than him!

The alphabet Audrey carved in the sand washed away!

But then Dad carved her name.

Kyle found a ladybug for a friend.

Busy, busy, busy!

Our first try at a family shot - Kaden's looking away and Kyle doesn't want to do it!

Dad gets creative...nice work Kev!

Kaden REALLY likes the feel of the sand!

Dad carves his name!

Kyle decides he loves the ocean and runs in and out it for a long time.

Audrey makes a sand taxi!

Kaden wants to play with the bird.

Audrey and Kyle in the ocean.

Audrey is so glad she found some shells.

I love this kid's long, dark, thick eyelashes!

And everyday it takes a lot not to eat his cheeks!

Dad carves Kyle's's getting cooler now.

2nd attempt - better but Ky's still not into it...oh well.

After we went and checked into our Anaheim resort we went back to the Huntington Beach pier. This is the same pier Kev and I went to on our honeymoon after we played on Newport Beach almost 9 years earlier!

Love this shot!

Kev and I ate here at Ruby's diner on the pier on our honeymoon so we went again...this time with 3 kids!

It's fun to eat right over the ocean!


Steven and MindyLee said...

Great Pictures!!! We're so happy you guys had a good time. We hope you have a great day!!! Love ya.

SJCBCfamily said...

You've made it back. So spill the beans, was Disneyland not the greatest? I hope you were able to catch the Fantasmic show. Where are all the Disneyland pictures? I'm way excited for June. Can't wait to talk to you then, you better plan on making it.

Laura said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun!!!!

Anonymous said...

We were glad you could have a nice family vacation; the kids came back so excited with all their experiences. Love, MOM

Sara said...

Nice vacation! I'm hoping to go on one sometime this year. It's just so nice to get away!