Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hansen's 2009 Family Vacation -Part 2

Sea World was amazing! All three kids have always loved any and all animals. We did it in a day, yet we saw and participated in everything we wanted to. I would highly recommend it!

Family picture!

Shamu gets some of the audience wet!

How does she do that?

The bat rays were a big hit!

All of us got to touch them and it was so cool!

We really enjoyed that part!


Here's how exciting it was!

The dolphins are great jumpers!

This one is treading water and looking like it's dancing on water.

How cute are they when they say "hi" to the audience?!

The seals are hungry!

This one had his ball. It was so funny though, there was one that was playing with a penny. It was adorable but unsafe so a worker there had to go get the penny out of the pool!

Kaden's ready for Sesame Street 4D.

Ky and me are happy together waiting for the show to start!

Kaden said these guys were Nemo and Merlin!

Cool Jellyfish!

Rescued Manatees!

A scary shark!

This was fun to look up and see sharks!

Audrey chases a big fish.

This tortoise was tired.

Saying goodbye to Shamu.

He loved to twist and turn in the water.

Kaden and the sunset at a nearby beach.

All the kids say goodbye to the sun for the night.

Fireworks from our balcony at the Anaheim Resort.


wurstens5 said...

So fun! I want to take my kids there, they would love it.

Heather B said...

Looks like tons of fun! Glad you could do that!

janeen said...

great pictures, it looks like it was a lot of fun. I wish I was at sea world right now instead of hanging out inside because it's snowing once again in UT.

Sara said...

That looks so fun! I want to go to Sea World!

Quoizel said...

Great vacation pics. I love sea world.