Monday, May 18, 2009

Hansen's Vacation 2009 - Disneyland Day 3 - The End

This Astro Orbitor in Tommorowland was one of Kaden's favorite rides.

So fun and no line during our "Magic Morning."

Then we were off to Pixie Hollow. Audrey made a friend in line named Mia (from Canada) and they exchanged addresses. They are going to be Pen Pals.

Kaden found a bug when the kids were getting their picture with Fawn and she was telling him not to worry, it was just one of her friends.

He freaked out and left the scene which made her crack up!

She was really cool and decided that Audrey is an "Animal Talent" like herself because Audrey was telling her how much she loves animals.

Tinkerbell was adorable!

Kaden didn't feel like posing with her but he did give her five.

The train was pretty cool. It takes you around the park but also has a bunch of pretend - yet realistic looking scenes to ride by in tunnels along the way (Dinosaurs, Cowboys and Indians, etc.)

Kev and I found it relaxing and the kids were being goofy as ever at first. (BTW, we shared our ride with Melissa Joan Hart and her kids!)

After that we were glad to see Goofy again!

Then it was off to Minnie's House. Kaden didn't hold back with her!

He had to give her a big kiss on her nose!

We all wanted a picture with sweet Minnie!

Audrey wanted to give her a kiss goodbye.

And Kaden couldn't resist laying another one on her!

Kyle opted for the cheek.

Audrey holding her teacup properly in Minnie's kitchen.

After that, Kaden fell fast asleep. This is when we saw Melissa Joan Hart again in a store we were in! (I used to love "Sabrina the Teenwitch" and thought her new ABC familly movie "My Fake Fiance" was really cute!)

Kade could not wake up for Pooh or any of his friends. At least we got this picture to show him!


I should have jumped in...Tigger is the best!

Audrey and Kyle loved how soft Eeyore was.

Cruella apparently doesn't like Goofy like we do!

Next Kaden barely woke up and and it was Kyle's turn for a nap. (No one fell asleep any of the other days but the boys were pooped enough the last day.)

This was adorable.

This was awkward!

Here was Audrey's favorite moment! Ariel said they were long lost sisters because Audrey told her she also liked to sing and swim! (I'll never forget, this gorgeous young lady said to Audrey that her and her mom were beautiful!)

This was magical!

Kaden couldn't help but give her a big hug too. (Kyle was still asleep.)

Cinderella was so funny. She loved how calm we were with her and commented on it - she mentioned that a lot of the other families were treating her like a piece of meat. Also, when she was leaving she turned to Kyle and said "See ya, handsome, call me when you're 16!"

Snow White was just like her character in the movies. She even had the REALLY high voice!

When Belle signed her name she drew a picture of the rose and said "I always draw this rose because if it weren't for it, I never would have met my Prince."

Jasmine was so nice - we loved her! Ky warmed up to her right away, obviously!

Kaden decided he could hug her like he did Ariel.

The kids gave Jasmine some artwork and she asked Audrey if when she was older she could buy her paintings and adorn her castle with them.

Kaden couldn't say goodbye without one more hug.

The kids had some artwork for Ariel and they were told they could give her them on the way out. She was so sweet and really appreciated the gifts.

Kaden wanted to say goodbye again.

How cute is that?! (I'm thinking this is a "different" Ariel than the first one...)

Kyle had made this poem out of pictures on the crown for her and I can't believe he was brave enough to recite it for her! You can hear how nervous he was in the video. I'm so proud of him for doing it even though it was probably scary for him! (I can just see it now - when the boys are grown up - Kade will be the outgoing one who is funny and showy and then there will be our Ky, the shy, sensitive poet!)

Needless to say, she loved it! We were told by her and all of the workers and photographers there that we were a beautiful family and we were welcome back anytime!

Kaden with his Mickey ears.

Kyle with his.

The new car ride Autopia was great!

Kevin was the driver in that car with Audrey and I the driver with the boys. (All 3 of the kids tried steering on their own at first and it was, well, interesting!)

The Pooh Bear ride was so fun. We rode it twice in a row!

This is how Kaden reacted and I might have looked the same way, I have to admit. (I have always loved Whinnie the Pooh since I can remember)

Pirates of the Carribean was so entertaining!

The Tarzan Treehouse was it for us!

We were sad to go but it was the perfect vacation filled with one of a kind memories!