Friday, May 8, 2009

Hansen Family Vacation 2009 - Part 3

Day 1 and 2 of Disneyland/California Adventure

First day, first thing when we walked in we saw Goofy!!!

Then it was off to the Buzz ride - Kyle wanted to ride that first

(for months before we went he dreamed of it.)

He was excited his dream was coming true.

It lived up to his wildest expectations too!

Audrey enjoyed it too (so did Mom and Dad but Kaden wasn't sure about Zurg in person at first.)

Right when we got off the ride...there was Buzz! It was perfect!! (My boys had gotten REALLY into Toy Story a few months before we went on the trip.)

Dumbo seemed like a good second ride.

The boys and...

The girlies!

It was a hit for everyone.

Then we were off to the Teacups and I love this shot I got of the ride through Kev's sunglasses!



...and Audrey all had a blast!

Peter Pan's Flight was a little too spooky for Kaden (he took a bit to warm up to all the rides) so he just covered his eyes quietly - so cute!

It's A Small World was perfect for us all.

Kaden was mesmerized!

It's newly refurbished and now has Ariel - Audrey's favorite Princess!

After that we hopped from Disneyland to California Adventure and watched the Pixar Parade. Kaden danced to the Bolt music "I Thought I Lost You" they had before it started.

He was so adorable and he had a lot of people watching him.

Oh my goodness it's starting...they are stoked!

Gotta love seeing McQueen up close!

A Monster from Monster's Inc. liked Kaden!

Seeing Jack Jack was awesome - the kids watched The Incredible's Bonus Feature "Jack Jack Attack" at least half a dozen times on the drive to CA!

Dorey couldn't resist saying "hi" to Kaden's cute face.

Audrey and Crush.

And army guy from Toy Story thought Kyle looked like a kid that might like a good scare!

Kaden waves and says "HI" to the Toy Story characters.

Boy was this fun!

Family shot when we entered Disney again that day.

Kyle was having fun dancing to the pixie music outside Pixie Hollow.

Audrey making a wish in Minnie's wishing well.

Kisses for Mickey.

The Chip and Dale Roller Coaster.

Audrey and Kyle liked it o.k. but didn't want to ride it again!

Fireworks in front of the Castle. It's a whole show and it's really great!

Day two started out at California Adventure at the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show.

The boys were ENAMORED - they watch these shows almost every day and to see them come to life - wow!

Gotta love Handy Manny and his tools!

The bubbles were a hit!

Even with Audrey!

Little Einsteins!

I love these guys.

Audrey with a string that came from a parade - her own fashion idea!

Audge and the A from California!

Ky felt left out and had to find a letter from his name.

We couldn't leave the little one out.

Audge and Ky in front of the fountain with the Monster's Inc ride in the back.

The new Monster's Inc. ride is very fun.

It was cute because at the end they had the monster secretary talk to Audrey and told her "I like your hair!"

This was really cute.

They pick a few from the audience to go with them.

She was very happy about being picked to dance with them!

This was Audrey's all time favorite ride out of all 3 days.

Kaden being goofy while we watched when Audrey went for her second time with Dad (Ky and I went with her the first time.)

There they are - Dad and Audge (Ky didn't want to go the second time.)

This shows how much she loved it!

We ended the night in A Bug's World riding lots of kiddie rides.

All of us got to ride the Bumper Cars except Kaden. (Not even with an adult - that's why he was so happy to ride them at Ky's b-day party.)


blogofsteele said...

Oh my goodness! Your kids look like they had the time of their lives! How fun that you guys got to go to Disney! Everyone looks so so so happy. Love ya!

Heather B said...

How fun!!! I would lpve to drive that Lightning McQueen car around!!! How cool would that be?!

alli said...

WOW! I love it! How long were you guys there?

Bonnie said...

Looks like all of you had just as good a time as you said. After looking forward to it for months, it's nice to see it turned out so well. The kids are adorable and so excited. MOM