Thursday, May 3, 2007

The day we let Pilly go

Early Monday morning Audrey was ready to say goodbye to Pilly, her caterpillar - turned butterfly. She brought her home from preschool on Friday and there was a note from her teacher saying she would live around 2 weeks. I thought once it had been almost 2 weeks I would have to convince Audrey to let her go, but I was wrong.

We opened up her little home she had for a week or so but she wouldn't fly off.

When I put her on my hands, she still wouldn't fly away. Then I realized her wings were probably wet from the sugar water we fed her and she needed them to be dry to fly. So, we set her in the sun.

Once she had sat in the sun for a good few hours she was flapping and flying around a lot so we knew she was ready then.

She went somewhere up there and as shocked as I am about it, I think I miss her more than Audrey! I'm so thankful for her preschool teacher and all of her efforts to make learning fun. This was such a great experience for all of our family!

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Grandma Bonnie said...

We enjoyed having Pilly in the house to watch, feed, etc. But it seemed like she was getting a little sad, so when the weather warmed up enough, it was the right time to let her go. She was so beautiful when she flew off. It was a great experience for Audrey to be in on the whole process. She has really enjoyed Miss Christa's preschool.