Monday, May 14, 2007

To My Beautiful Wife and Mother of My Children

I wanted to take a minute to wish Annette a Happy Mother's Day. Not only is the person in this picture beautiful, but she is the keystone to this family, holding us up and together.

In an earlier posting, Annette captured Kyle saying that he was so cute because she made him. In my educated opinion, Annette is the reason all of our kids are cute, fun, talented, smart, and incredible people. I barely have time with our kids compared to what she spends with them. While they may get some of their good looks from me, it is her hard work, sacrificing of time, and devotion to our children that has greatly influenced who they are now.

I especially want to thank Annette for all she has done for me. Life hasn't always been easy, and sometimes that has been my fault. But, Annette has been there with me the whole time. Supporting me in school, different jobs, business ownership and now another new, more demanding job is more evidence of her sacrificing to keep the family going.

Nettie knows what is important. No matter how much may be going against us at times, no matter how good things are going for us, as long as her children and I love her, as long as she is helping us, she can find happiness.
Annette, we love and appreciate everything about you and everything you do for us!


Kevin, Audrey, Kyle & Kaden


PandinaFamily said...

Very sweet, Kevin and well said! Annette has always been great.

janeen said...

What a sweet husband!

Rebecca D. said...

How sweet was that!!!! Happy mothersday nettie!!!!

Katie McKlusky was by last night and sends her best!!!!

Kristine said...

What a nice tribute to Annette. I am glad she has married someone who appreciates and loves her.

The Loveridge Family said...

What a nice, thoughtful tribute...we all love Annette!

wurstens5 said...

That is so cute. What a good hubby.

Rochelle Oleson said...

How sweet! very sweet of your hubby to post this.