Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Goodbye Glenda and Playing Outside!

Today was Kyle's last day of occupational therapy and you can tell he was a little sad about it. He only had it for a few months, but I learned a lot from his teacher Glenda. She was wonderful at teaching and the kids had a great time with her. Kyle was diagnosed with a slight sensory integration issue about 6 months ago and I do think he has a tiny bit of sensory overload here and there (most normal kids have this sometimes anyways) but Glenda and I agreed most of his problems were due to a new baby and 2 different moves in a short amount of time. He's above average on everything he's been tested for (fine and gross motor skills, receptive language, etc.) except for speech articulation. His speech therapy he partakes in is what I really think he needs so he can improve his diction and pronunciation. I'm glad we had our time with Glenda though because she did give me a lot of great tips and suggestions! Thanks Glenda!!

This morning Kevin put together the wagon Kyle got for Christmas from his Grandma Hansen. We were thrilled to use it for a walk!

Sometimes people say they think Audrey is a lot like me and in this picture she's being just like me. I can NOT resist kissing babies heads!
I'm just "tickled to death" (a phrase my Grandma Anderson used to say) about the weather. It's so fun for the kids to be outside and I enjoy it greatly too!

Glenda had let Audrey and Kyle use stamps on tiles and then I baked them to make coasters. Can you guess which one the 2 year old did?

After that the kids got their pictures with them and went to bed!


Rebecca D. said...

your kids are too cute! She looks like you and Kyle looks like Kevin! How old is everyone now? and you have to tell me what it's like having three!!!! i am more scared to go from 2 to 3 then I was from going from 1-2 kids. no i am not pregnant!!! I'm just gathering info!! ha ha ha!

nettiehansen said...

NO COMMENT! No but really it depends on the children. Audrey was a lamb with both boys but Kyle was bent out of shape about Kaden and 10 months later is still trying to adjust....

PandinaFamily said...

I did a double take of that picture of Glenda...I thought it was my mom! I had to enlarge it to get a better look at Glenda. Wow! Glad to hear that Kyle is doing better. Keep up the good work!

janeen said...

I am little worried about the three kid thng too. Keegan adjusted so well that i can only imagine I won't be so lucky twice.

Your kids looks just like you two, no doubt abut that!

Rochelle Oleson said...

Your kids are so sweet. How cute is that you had them do their own tiles. I need to let my kids do that too. My I ask how you made them exactly You can email me if you like at

Your kids look a lot like you. So cute.

nettiehansen said...

You buy tiles (at Home Depot or wherever) and some square coark boards.

Then let the kids stamp on the tiles with regular stamps.

Then you bake the tiles on 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

After an hour or so you can get the coark boards, line them up with the tiles and use a utility knife (or exact-o-knife) to cut out the board to be the same size.

Then you glue the tiles with elmers glue to the cut out coark boards (it's so the coaster won't scratch surfaces.)