Sunday, April 22, 2007

Live like you were dying

I went to my great Uncle Chub's (Gwen was his real name) funeral today. I have to say it was the longest funeral I ever remember being at but it was one of the best! All that was said about him was so wonderful. It truly was a life-changing day! I felt the Spirit of God teaching me that this man knew what it was all about. I want to live in a way so that my family, friends and all who I come in contact with will remember me in a positive, happy way! So here it is. The first blog entry many of you have been waiting for. I, Annette Anderson Hansen am going to start my online journal of my life and hopefully, it will be a little bit of a good thing in the lives of any who want to read it!

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Rebecca D. said...

Bring it on girl!!! I love the blogging world!!!