Wednesday, October 10, 2007

From Snowstorms to No Bakes!

While we were watching the LDS Saturday morning session of General Conference there was a beautiful snowstorm. The kids were so excited to go play in the snow after the session was over (before the afternoon one started.) Well, that didn't happen due to the warning on the t.v. to stay inside. When we finished the session, came upstairs and looked out the window, this is what we saw across the street (this is actually one of Audrey's very best friend's Theo's house!) As the days have gone by I've seen more and more trees down, either shrunk and crunched down or split and/or fallen down. (There were too many leaves still on the trees so the snow weighed them down!) It was sad! Rochester 2nd girls can we say ice storm? It looks like that (except the ice storm was 10xs worse.)

By the way, I just adored this years General Conference! (This is a picture I took during Conference last year of the kids singing along to the MoTab.) The talks on faith always inspire me. I was also moved by Elder Eyring holding Elder Wirthlin up when he was shaking so bad he could hardly stand up. And Sister Beck the General Releif Society President's talk touched me the most. I don't know if I've ever cried that much over one talk in my life?! I vow to continue to be vigilant in raising my children and(try) not to fear. I have to trust that Heavenly Father will help me in my righteous efforts to raise the next generation of leaders!

My Aunt Jan sent me these the other day. She bought them ahead for her daughter and didn't get to them before she could use them. Audrey now has enough white, cream, navy blue, black and nude tights to last her for four years! The wonderful thing about this is that I was just trying to find some extra cash this month to buy Audrey some tights because she's grown out of them! Coincidence - I THINK NOT!

On the left is the Pooh Bear blanket my mom and I made for Kaden, on the right is the frog blanket my mother-in-law and I made for him and the baseball bear one in front is one the Relief Society made us in our last ward. Well, they are currently in the closet due to the fact that his new favorite snack are the ties off of them!

This is the new blanket I bought him to use instead!

Sometimes I catch him eating fuzzies but they don't add up to nearly as much "non-food" he was getting from yarn a day!

By the way, Kyle still uses his blanket my mom and I made him when he was a baby 2xs a day! Nap (on my bed so he and his brother don't mess around and resist sleep) and bedtime!

I made "No Bake" cookies the other day for the first time in around 5 years. I messed up the process/order a bit, but was able to save them and they came out perfectly normal. I told Audrey that mistakes are how we learn. She said"ya and you make good mistakes - these are yummy!"


Sara said...

That was some storm! Glad you were able to stay safe and warm in your house.

Ok, so that no-bake cookies story is the cutest ever! Audrey is just too cute.

PandinaFamily said...

Thank goodness your house wasn't in the path of destruction. Audrey did make the cutest comment. She is very sweet.

debbie said...

you made me want to go make no-bake cookies right now, they look so good.

The Loveridge Family said...

Yeah, i remember that ice storm...crazy! How did you manage to watch and actually pay attention to conference with three kids???

Nettie! said...

I took notes on EVERY talk - otherwise I would be clueless. And you should've seen our family room floor - every church book, activity, no mess marker, etc. - was on the floor because I had to keep the kids entertained enough not to play and be loud. I kept saying "this is church, you still have to whisper!"