Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Ghost of Halloween Past Has Come!

This was fun - too bad it wasn't ready on friday for a "Flashback Friday." Oh well, we were busy. Here we go!

Audrey's first Halloween. This is her and someone who is still one of her best friends - the adorable red-headed sweetheart - THEO!!!

A cute little one-year (and one month) old Bunny!

Mom - the Cheerleader- and Bunny!

The "German" daddy and Bunny!

This is a close up of a two year old Princess Aurora or Sleeping Beauty!
(The costume fit better with the jacket underneath.)

She used to have a bit of curly hair but now it's pretty much straight.
(And I'm jealous of course!)

Here's a picture in color.

Here's the whole family the next year. A Dancer and a Peapod along with a Cheerleader and a German - (again?!)

This picture does the costume more justice than when she was sitting down.

A four year old Princess Aurora and an adorable 18 month old Pumpkin!

Are you so sick of Kevin and me wearing the same thing?! I think we're done for awhile!! Anyways, the Princess, Frog and Peapod were fun!

Last night we went down to Shelley and the kids showed their costumes to Great Grandma Walton...

Great Grandpa and Grandma Hansen...

And Grandma Hansen and Aunt Melanie!

(And this year we finally have our first scary costume!)


Sara said...

Fun costumes!

janeen said...

The first picture is so adorable!I love all the costumes!