Friday, October 12, 2007

Flashback Friday: Artic Circle?

The other day Kyle asked me if we bought his shirt at Artic Circle. I said "what?" a little confused and he repeated the question. I said no Kyle, actually this is one of your hand me down shirts from cousin Sage and it looks by the tag that it was purchased at Target because Circo is a brand I believe only Target sells. Then I realized something. When I looked at the tag and saw the word Circo I discovered why Kyle thought we got it at Artic Circle - because Circo and Circle are very similarly spelled words! The funny thing: we hardly ever go to fast food, and somehow he just remembered the sign from a local franchise!

While I'm writing about this, I might as well turn this into a note to Kyle.

Dear Kyle - my smart, cute, funny and full of energy 3 1/2 year old! You tried to fool us all for a little bit didn't you? When you were 2 years old you were saying less words than you were at 1 year old. And most of them only Audrey could understand (with some being understood by mom and dad.) I got you on a waiting list for speech therapy and shortly after you were 2 you started occupational therapy (for some slight sensory integration problems.) By the time you were 2 1/2 you were saying just about anything and although you were getting better at being understood by your family, you still had trouble with common pronunciation and diction. Finally when you were around 3 years old you got to start speech therapy and shortly after graduated from occupational therapy.

Well after around 6 months of speech therapy you have now graduated. You tested exactly average right at what any normal 3 1/2 year old would sound like for speech and I am so proud of you! The funny thing about what's happened since you started talking and started talking in a way that everyone can understand you is that now we all know how incredibly smart you are.

I've always been impressed with how well you have been with numbers - how soon you recognized them and how well you can count. You picked up on all your colors very early too. But, now I am absolutely floored by how well you are pre-reading. I can't believe that you know (and have for awhile) all your letters, can recognize them, know all the sounds they make and that we can ask you what letter a word starts with and 9 out of 10 times you know! I have to admit, I thought since you waited awhile to talk that you would not start reading before Kindergarten like your sister but I'm not too worried because I know a secret - Audrey wasn't even doing this kind of phonic recognition until she was 4! And don't even get me started on what a computer whiz you are already! Like I said, you tried to trick us for awhile there but there's no hiding it now. You are a brainiac! Way to go! And best of all, you are still my sweet, affectionate, cuddly little boy! I love you more than words, Kyle!!!




Anonymous said...

We always knew Kyle understood everything we said, but it was frustrating to us and him that we couldn't understand what he was saying. It's much better now, and he has really been showing his intelligence lately. We love him just the same, even though he's a little "smarty pants."

PandinaFamily said...

Kyle is such a handsome boy...and smart to boot!