Saturday, October 20, 2007

Singing Kids

Time for a concert in Audrey's room with her new microphone. Kyle sings the song he knows best, and Audrey shows off her ability to entertain and ad-lib. (The funny thing about that song is, I don't know where she got the idea to sing about a boy. She doesn't watch or listen to songs about boys - well, I guess there are those Disney and Barbie movies...)

Kaden tries his vocal cords on for size.
Thanks again Grandma Susan - this birthday present you gave Audrey is loved by all of the children! And it's fun for mom to watch them use it!!


Anonymous said...

Yes, that was a terrific birthday gift for Audrey; she has really enjoyed it and is nice enough to share with her brothers. Gee, they must have picked up some musical talent somewhere, right? I love to listen to all of them sing -- even Kaden who has the sweetest little voice.
Love, MOM

janeen said...

Your kids are god performers! They always look so cute!

Rebecca D. said...

so fun! I love the performer in your kids!!!!

Sara said...

I see a big music career ahead in their futures. How fun and so cute!

Rochelle Oleson said...

Love your videos. How do you post them? I need to figure that out and post some of my own. very cute. Your kids are too cute~!