Friday, September 28, 2007

Flashback Friday - Audrey, What A Fun 6 Years It's Been!! You are one of a kind!!!

I remember this day so well! It was your mom and dad's 6 month wedding anniversary and I found out I was pregnant with you!! How fun!!! I WAS SO EXCITED!!! (Pleather pants were in that year - I promise!)

We went to a maternity fair at the mall a week before I had my set appointment for the ultrasound with the OBGYN to find out what you were. We were so happy and bought some cute pink things that day! ( I wanted to be showing so bad - I wasn't, but wore a big maternity shirt anyways!)

The day you were born September 25th, 2001, was one of the happiest days of our lives! You were so beautiful and sweet! Dad slept with you most of your first night on earth - in the recliner at the hospital! You were such a good baby and only cried if you were hungry, messy, overly tired, or in pain. You were born the most social person I've known. You were outgoing from the day you were born. You never cared who you were with and always communicated with everyone who would listen!

I love this shot! You have definitely inherited the shopping gene from mom! You love clothes but have learned we don't always get what we want when we want it! It has to be a good sale!!

What a great picture! You look so warm, cozy and peaceful! You slept through the night at 2 weeks. You are my good sleeper and always have been. And yet you still wake up pretty good at 6:25 am for Kindergarten!

So alert and aware and interested in Dad! You loved interaction (as you still do) with all people but especially mom and dad - of course!

You shared your 1st b-day party with Grandma Hansen (since her b-day is the day after yours) and you were so cute and happy!
It was funny because you wouldn't use your hands to eat your cake like a typical messy 1 year old eating their first piece of cake! We had to put that bit of frosting on your nose to get a funny picture of you supposedly pigging out!

This is that other "UH OH" picture I mentioned in the last post. I found it!

Pretty in pink at your 2nd b-day party!

Cake time!

Those boots look good with that outfit, Audrey!

Happy 3rd b-day with your first My Little Pony!

I can't find my disc with your 4th b-day but it was the first time you got to have a friend's party in addition to your annual family party. You had two friends meet you at Leo's Play Place and you had so much fun! This is you about a month after you turned 4 (on your way to dance.)

Can we say "Mom, what were you thinking for my 5th friends b-day party?!" Well, the answer is I wasn't. After I sent out all the invitations to the friends you wanted to invite I realized it was over 20 kids! Only 1 didn't come and TONS of siblings came so there were over 30 children there (not all pictured in this shot.) At least most of the moms stayed so I had a lot of help!

Hopefully you'll always remember it because it's not happening again! (It was more fun than anything but a little crazy!)

The family b-day when you turned 5 was joint with Kaden's blessing day! Here you are with your own family and Grandma and Pops Anderson.

And here's the Hansens that made it!

I can't believe my baby is six now! This is 2 days before your real b-day at your family b-day party! You picked that dress out yourself at the store and I must say it looks fabulous!

I love this picture of you with Aunt Melanie, Grandma and Grandpa Hansen!

And this pic of you with Great Grandma and Grandpa Hansen is beautiful!

A real downsize from last year - 10 friends there at your friends b-day party the day before you turned six! It was perfect!! I think everyone had a nice time!!! I still think it's funny that Kyle and you didn't want all of the balloons blown up all the way - notice in the picture 2 out of 3 balloons there are very small, but it was your choice! (Oh and you were right about making the pin the horn on the unicorn game ourselves instead of buying the donkey game - it was so fun to do art with you! I know you are talented at it and I'm not, but I did draw a unicorn - OR TRY TO!!!)

Audrey it has been a wonderful 6 years of having you in my life! It will be hard - but so I don't ramble on and on - here's 6 of my favorite things about you...

1.) You are so beautiful on the inside and outside. Your natural beauty in and out blows me away every day. Those gorgeous green eyes, that long, thick hair and more importantly - that sensitive soul.

2.) You are gifted intellectually - which is why you spend most hours of the day in the 1st grade (and are one of the top students there) although you're in Kindergarten.

3.) You are gifted emotionally - you are so in tune with people. You have never met anyone who is not your friend. You don't know how many people's life's you bless because of your pure love for all of God's sons and daughters

4.) You are gifted artistically - you have the singing, dancing and acting side of this from both mom and dad but you also have the talent of drawing from your dad and then general craftiness from Grandma Hansen along with storytelling and story writing from Grandma Hansen too!

5.) You are mom's helper in any possible way. You do it with no problems. You are such a great oldest child. It comes naturally for you to help all people!

6.) You are such a sweet girl who brings the Spirit of Heavenly Father to our home. You are a peacemaker. You are happy and full of joy. You love to do good to others.

Audrey, my "Doll," I love you and know you can accomplish anything. I am so lucky to have you in my life. You teach me so much everyday and I hope I am teaching you something in return!




Rebecca D. said...

Too cute!I still can't believe you have a kid in kindergarten!!!

about that Birthday Video... That was my brother in law doing the voice and he made it for Mace!!!

Anonymous said...

It was fun seeing Audrey grow up again; it's been a great six years. Audrey is such a sweetheart and we're very proud of her and love her very much.
Grandma and Grandpa "Pops" Anderson

PandinaFamily said...

Annettte, that is so touching. I know Audrey feels your love, how can she not after hearing all those wonderful things you have to say about her.

janeen said...

Happy Birthday Audrey!
Annette you can tell you just adore your daughter, what a great mom you are.

Kristine said...

Happy Birthday Audrey.

Greg and Liza Anderson said...

Audrey, we hope you had a wonderful birthday! We miss you here in Colorado and hope to see you soon. Keep up the good work in school! Thanks for the post Annette.

wurstens5 said...

Cute pics. I can't believe you have a 6 year old.

Betsy said...

I hate seeing my neice turn 6 all the way from New York! Seeing this flashback was the highlight of my week. And hey Mom, you look hot in that picture of you on Audrey's 4th birthday! Nettie, if she doesn't read this, tell her for me. You, of course, look dazzling as always. I love you guys! Nettie, give Audrey extra kisses from me!

debbie said...

happy birthday audrey!

Sara said...

Wow, I can't believe you have a 6 year old. And she is so cute. I'm so glad to have finally of met her and your other kids too.

And I can't believe how young you look in that first picture!