Friday, September 14, 2007

Flashback Friday - What Is This?!

I'm back! Boy it's been a crazy - busy last couple of weeks!! Actually, it's been like that the whole summer!!! This week I'll be working on some slide shows of all that we did this summer - and it will be hard not to make the show full of 100 pictures. (And that would still only be picking a fraction of the photos I have from this time period in our lives!)

This was taken just short of 2 years ago. A couple weeks ago when I last had time to check and make comments on other's blogs, I made a comment about the difference btw. my girl and boys. You see, my boys have done so many more destructive, gross and "oh my goodness, I can't believe it" acts than Audrey ever did. She's done two "OH NO" things in her life. One was when she was 1 year old and she took all of the toilet paper off the roll. I have a picture but didn't feel like digging for it right now (it's a hard copy - before the digital camera period.) The other thing she did that was a big deal was what we have a picture of here. Luckily, it was a marker for a dart board so it washed off easily!

I think she was starting to feel remorse already by the time I took the second pic!


Rebecca D. said...

That totally cracks me up... we've had that happen in our house too!!!!

janeen said...

I love the pictures and can't wait for that to happen here.

kristine said...

it was great seeing you this weekend.

that is a great picture. i think i would be happier to clean marker off my kids face than the walls or for me off my carpet in every room in my house.

i am happyo hear that girls don't make as many messes than boys.

PandinaFamily said...

I can see the look on her face in the second picture...reminds me so much of you when you were little. I was very surprised to see all that marker! Hope she had fun.

Sara said...

She is quite the artist. She could get a job in Hollywood.

wurstens5 said...

That's really cute. It reminds me of my little Ashlie. She gets into everything.