Sunday, February 1, 2009

A long time coming...

I was tagged to do a couple of things by a couple of people a long time ago...

This is the 4th picture in your 4th folder picture "tag."
This is a good picture taken on Thanksgiving 2008 - even though Kaden looks "ticked." Hey, any of you who have more than 2 kids know how hard it is to get a family picture with EVERYONE smiling!

Now for the 4 Random Things "Tag."

4 Random Things I Like About Kevin

1 - He has a passion for politics and has had many well-written letters to the editor published

2 - He is a true handyman and can do so many things around the house

(including building a lot of our own house right now.)

3 - He loves me for me and he writes beautiful poems, cards and letters expressing this love

4 - He is an amazing father and is really there for them in every way but is still the fun "dad"

4 Jobs I've Had

1 - Wegmans Grocery Store - cashier

2 - Response Analysis - conducted phone surveys

3 - Tic Toc Daycare - took care of 2 year olds up to 9 year olds

4 - Center Partners - Qwest Internet Tech Support

4 Movies I've Watched More Than Once

1 - Fiddler On the Roof

2 - Everything Is Illuminated

3 - Three Amigos

4 - Napoleon Dynamite

4 TV Shows I Watch

1 - Imagination Movers (on Playhouse Disney - Uncle Nic Nox CRACKS me up!)

2 - The Office

3 - 30 Rock

4 - American Idol

4 Favorite Foods

1 - Eggs Benedict

2 - Crispy Chicken Salads

3 - Chicken Marsela

4 - Southwest Chicken Sandwiches

4 Places I'd Like to Visit

1 - Hawaii

2 - Germany

3 - France

4 - Bahamas

4 Things I'm Looking Forward to in the Coming Year

1 - Moving into our house

2 - Going on a family vacation

3 - Losing more weight

4 - Taking a dance class or joining a musical

And here's a 25 Random Things "Tag" from facebook.

1.) I could take 2 bubble baths a day if time (and my hair) allowed it.

2.) I have naturally curly hair. Growing up in Rochester, NY in the summer with the humidity, it would turn into ringlets.

3.) With each child I've had my hair has gotten less curly and yet it still takes the better part of an hour to straighten it - with a professional iron - and even if it's short!

4.) I have been told I look like and talk like Drew Barrymore at least 6 times a year every year since I was 3 years old (The year "ET" came out.)

5.) I have always had a passion for singing, dancing and acting and dreamed of doing one or all as a career.

6.) When I was 10 yrs. old I saw "Les Miserables" and soon after got a cassette tape of the musical. I memorized every song and my favorite was "On My Own."

7.) I had a teacher in Elementary School who said ghosts came into her house every now and then and messed up the clothes in her dresser drawers... I believed her for a long time.

8.) In Middle School I was the top gymnast on the team and the girls nicknamed me "Shannon Miller."

9.) My freshman year in Highschool I decided to quit gymnastics and try out for basketball - WHAT? (No I didn't make it.)

10.) Before my sophomore year my Dad's secretary, who was a cheerleading coach, told him to encourage me to try out for the squad. It was one of the best decisions I ever made.

11.) I was one of the main tumblers all 3 yrs. I cheered and could do 10 back handsprings in a row followed by a whipback (a back handspring with no hands.)

12.) I've been to Disneyworld twice for Cheerleading Nationals and I've been to Disneyland once (on my honeymoon.)

13.) I went on 3 music competition trips in Highscool for Women's Ensemble and Select Choir - one to Toronto, one to Ocean City and I have NOT been able to remember the other city for many yrs!

14.) I loved Highschool and would do it all over again - I'm glad to catch up with people from it on facebook!

15.) My junior year I was told that I was going to be cast as (one of my all time favorite parts) Leisle in "The Sound of Music." I was devastated when the Music Director decided I couldn't have that big of a part because I'd be at Cheerleading Nationals for a week.

16.) Going to college in Idaho was a culture shock to say the least.

17.) I learned more about life and my Religion and how to live it at college than anything else.

18.) I met my husband at his LDS mission homecoming report. (He went to Germany.)

19.) A month and a half later we were engaged and 4 months after that we were married in the Salt Lake City Temple - we were both 21 yrs. old.

20.) I was "never" going to get married young or to someone I didn't know for at least 1 1/2 yrs. - but WHEN YOU KNOW YOU KNOW.

21.) My husband and I have grown up together during our marriage and are strong now because of it.

22.) Kevin is my perfect match - we compliment each other so well. We're different where it's good to be and the same where we need to be.

23.) Kev has influenced me to have a passion for politics.

24.) I always wanted to be a mother and babysitting was always my favorite job.

25.) Being a mother is not "who I am" but it is the most important calling in life I'll ever have.



Kevin said...
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Kevin said...

An exageration of me, but I'll accept it nonetheless. We definitely have a lot to enjoy about each other, and I can't wait until we get the house done and move in so we can do just that... Enjoy more time with each other.

Liza Jane said...

That's a great family picture, and I loved learning more things about you!

Paul and Andi said...

Hey Annette! How is your house? I hope everything is good with you guys! That is a great family pict. Cute, cute family!

Sara said...

I loved this post Annette! I learned so much about you that I didn't know!

Sherelle said...

This was fun to read...and I love the family photo at the top...super cute!

Julie said...

Annette, I'm so glad you "found" me. I love checking out your blog. It is so fun to see where life has taken all of you girls. Your family is gorgeous and I'm so glad you seem so happy.

On a different note, I had to laugh when I saw the picture that you posted on facebook. I had just recently looked at my copy of that same picture. What good times we had!

blogofsteele said...

Cincinnati...that's where we went for the music trip your sophomore year, my freshman year!!! love you!