Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kyle's 4th Birthday Times!



My funny and cute 4 year old!

You loved your mater toy from Mike and Josh!

The phonics computer games from Grandma Susan were a hit!

Love that "I'm serious about opening this present" face!

You were excited about your game and book from Grandma Bonnie!

There was a lot of money given for your wallet!

You helped me make the caterpillar cupcakes and did so well!

They tasted as good as they looked!

Your party guests!

BTW, I am bummed that I can't find the pictures of the lego table you got from us. Dad took a lot of time spelling out "Happy Birthday Kyle" with the legos on it!

AND this fall you started preschool! Here we are in front of "Kristagarden" on your first day. You've done well although you have your days where you are a momma's boy and don't want to go. But, I know you really love your teacher, Ms. Krista and your friends! Your teacher often tells me how blown away she is by how smart you are (you are reading on your own now.) We just need to get the social thing down and get you over some of your shyness and you'll be all set for Kindergarten!

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Anonymous said...

What a year of progress Kyle had last year; he's come so far in every way. We're glad he enjoyed his birthday so much; the cupcakes were a great success. We love our handsome Kyle. MOM