Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kaden's 2nd Birthday Times!


JUNE 15TH 2008 - 2 YEARS OLD

Nope, Kaden, not a "tele"phone a "micro"phone!

There you go, babe!

Always full of cute faces!

So happy to open presents!

Whoa, you are some rich 2 year old!

Always lots of help from you sister and brother!

And you said "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!"

And you said "Woooo - Hooooo!"

You are always full of animated expressions!

You got his nose!

Someone's excited again!

Of course you had to have a cake with balls on it!

You did it!

What will I do if your cute chubby cheeks ever go away?!

You loved your bike!

Posing at the Hansen Family party for you!

The bubble maker you got from Mike and Josh was a big hit that day!

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Anonymous said...

And here comes our baby trying to grow up on us; we just can't let that happen, can we? He certainly enjoyed his birthday last summer, and I'm sure will be even more fun next summer. He's a fun guy -- we sure love our Kaden. MOM