Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Loose Tooth!!!

Annette asked me to enter this post because I was the one who discovered Audrey's loose tooth.

While I was brushing her teeth, she complained about something hurting. I asked if her gums hurt, and she told me it was a tooth. I used the toothbrush to press against the tooth she pointed out to me, and it wiggled. I told her she had a loose tooth and she got extremely excited about it. We had to go tell Annette who was half excited and half overwhelmed that "our baby has a loose tooth."

I tried to trick her by saying that when she lost her tooth she got to leave some money under the pillow for the Tooth Fairy. But, after a couple of seconds of acting like she was going to be excited, she looked at me, then argued, "No, the Tooth Fairy will give ME money!" I guess I can't fool her.

Thanks Kev! Now for my take on it: MY BABYDOLL IS ALL GROWN UP! WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?! I guess it's just like anything new that you haven't experienced yet. It may make you nervous because you haven't done it yet (in this instance, being the mother of a girl that's getting ready to loose teeth, go to Kindergarten, etc.) but you have to have faith that everything will be great and you will be able to know how to do whatever it is you're learning to do or be!


PandinaFamily said...

Congrats! I hope Audrey's experience loosing teeth goes better than mine did. I hated that phase of life.

janeen said...

Have fun losing your tooth. I loved when the tooth fairy visted and left money under my pillow.

Rebecca D. said...

So fun!!! I think this is to funny! Now you get to look forward to being a tooth fairy now!!!

Aaron & Debbie said...

oh my goodness, it seems like that should happen in a few years. i guess we could be going through this soon as well. that is so crazy to think about!

wurstens5 said...

Yea for a loose tooth. To bad Jeff is not there to yank it out! He He.

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