Saturday, June 16, 2007

Happy Father's Day and Kaden's B-Day

Kevin, you know I think your are such a great father! Here are some pictures of you with the children on the day they wear born and of you giving them baths when they were still brand new. Also there are some pictures of you playing with them. It was so fun looking through pictures of you with the kids. I thought is was nice that I have a picture of you giving each one of them a bath when they were days old. It just reminds me of how much you have always helped me with the kids. Not only does this make me happier and less stressed, but it benefits the kids greatly because "When mommy's happy, everyone is happy!" Also, there are a lot of studies out that prove that children are better adjusted grown ups when they have plenty of dad time. I can see why that's true. You give them so many different things I can't give them when you spend time with them and I appreciate that so much. As for the pics of you playing with them, well they are very appropriate. You always find time to play with them everyday and they have so much fun with you. On the day we met you impressed me so much with how much time you spent playing with your cousins. You always played with our niece Ivy after we were married, and now that we have our own kids you play with them all the time. You're always the one at the park or the family reunion that plays with all the kids and that's not only because of your physical fitness, but it's a gift! Thank you Kevin for all that you teach the kids too! You know about things that I don't and when I hear Audrey or Kyle tell me those things I didn't know, it makes me feel awesome. You are the best Daddy to our children that they could ever have. I love you, Nettie

Daddy and Audrey at the hospital 09-25 2001

One of Audrey's first baths.

Daddy and Kyle at the hospital 04-28 2004

One of Kyle's first baths.
Daddy playing with Audrey and Kyle.
Daddy and Kaden at the hospital 06-15 2006

One of Kaden's first baths.

Daddy playing with Kaden.

And to Larry, thanks for being such a great dad to Kevin. You have taught him how to be a calm, patient, easy-going, laid back , yet hard-working man. You have taught him about the outdoors and about being a true handyman. You have taught him the Gospel, about Priesthood duties and missionary work - and to be a missionary. You are a wonderful father-in-law and a fun grandpa! Thank you! Here you are on the day Audrey was born,

The day Kyle was born,

And the day Kaden was born! (Being in the Bishopric and having to shave your facial hair sure has changed your appearance!)

And here we have a video of Kaden the morning of his birthday!

Here's a picture of my adorable new one year old!

Thanks, mom, for the adorable hat for Kaden!

And a look at the festivities!

Plus a picture of Uncle Steve, Aunt Mindy and cousins Mike and Josh who came after the video was taken!


PandinaFamily said...

Great videos! Looks like you had a great day and a fun time with family. Happy birthday Kaden!

Rochelle Oleson said...

really sweet tribute. Love how much each of you care about each other and write it out on your blog. really sweet!

Anonymous said...

What a fun family birthday party! And, Kaden, you were just the center of attention -- showing off with your walking, and being so excited and clapping at everything. Your first birthday cake must have been delicious, because you ate the WHOLE piece. You were just so cute, we all wanted to eat you. Happy Birthday from Grandma and Grandpa Anderson