Friday, June 8, 2007

Kyle, you're three!

Even though it's been over a month since Kyle's b-day, it doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about this and working on it since. I've had some roadblocks along the way, but here we are - better late than never!

Once upon a time there was a family made up of a Daddy, Mommy and daughter. When they found out they were going to have a boy, they thought they would be as blessed as can be! One night the Mommy and daughter went to a baby shower for the expected baby. It was only days before the date she would have the baby but her tummy still didn't really stick out! (The mommy was like that both times she carried her two boys!!) The mommy was so excited that the day was getting closer for her to meet her son!

On April, 28th, 2004 Kyle Christopher Hansen came into the world and into the Hansen family's life! Kyle, you were the fastest labor and delivery I had out of all three children! It only took around 3 hours from the time I went to the hospital until you were in my arms! Looking back I think you were anxious for me to hold you! The first year of your life, you preferred me holding you at all times! Sometimes it was hard, but it was nice to be wanted so much and to have so much affection from a sweet baby boy!

Kyle, when you came home, Audrey was so happy to finally have you here! She soon found out you made a great doll for her! She was so good with you. She was gentle and soft and would sing sweet lullabies to you.

This picture was not taken on your blessing day but a few weeks afterwards. (You didn't want smile in your suit that day.) I love this picture! You were such a handsome devil with that huge smile! The day you were born Daddy said you looked like your Uncle Greg and I wasn't sure. But, once you started grinning from ear to ear I saw it right away, and still think so to this day!

Kyle, out of my 3 babies, you were the most cuddly. Oh how I adored you wanting to snuggle and fall asleep in my arms often!

You were such a cute little baldy! To this day, it's still hard to see your eyebrows - you're such an adorable toe-head!

Kyle, you have received some of the cutest hand-me-downs from your cousin Sage and this hat was one of them. What a handsome little guy you were turning out to be!

This picture was taken before you started hating (fearing?) getting your picture taken. The people who took it liked it so much that they made it into a big banner and hung it up outside their store for advertising!

Kyle, this picture is definitely one of my all-time-favorites. This is the tux you wore to Aunt Kellie and Uncle Paul's wedding reception. When I set you up on the couch for a snapshot, you kind of fell and it ended up looking like you were "James Bond" posing yet again in your tux.

What more can I say than you were an angel (when you were asleep)!

Kyle, you were so cute and fun! Your smile can still light up a room!

A year old and Audrey was still playing with her life size doll! You were so good to let her do this.

Pretty soon, before you knew it, Dad and Mom were expecting your baby brother! Your world would turn upside down when he came and there would be a lot of adjustments, but now you two are buddies and you make him laugh everyday.

Here we are today with a big 3 year old. A child who is very smart, fun, funny, athletic, musical, strong and compassionate. We love you, Kyle. You have always been a joy to us and continue to bring us happiness and help us learn and grow as we are blessed to have you in our lives!


janeen said...

Wow even as a baby Kyle looks the same. He is one handsome kid and is sure to be a heartbreaker!

Aaron & Debbie said...

he is such a cute kid!

Rebecca D. said...

He is so cute! You have a beautiful family!

Uncle Greg said...

Well if people think Kyle is cute, then I will readily admit that he is a splitting image of his Uncle Greg. Thanks Annette for this post. It's fun to review those pictures.

Anonymous said...

Kyle, you are such a special little boy in our lives. I know, you're the "big" guy, and Kaden is the "little" guy. That mischievous grin gets you off the hook more times than we care to admit. And, of course, Grandpa was thrilled when he saw his first grandchild with the dimple in the chin. You two have such a special relationship. We love you so much; congratulations on being THREE, from Grandma & Grandpa Anderson