Sunday, November 8, 2009

Soccer and Football

Smart Start Soccer - Kyle and Kaden.

Kaden going for the ball!

Kyle ahead of everyone.

Right before his GOAL - which the camera missed. Woops!

Kyle was happy...


...and overjoyed to have gotten a goal!!!

Team cheer - SOCCER...


Smart Start Football.



Ky got so close to a Touchdown!

After being tagged.

Ky's scary defense face!

Kade getting set up to hike the ball!


Kade getting tagged.

Kade's scary defense face.

This is how much Ky liked it!

And how much Kade liked it!

Such a good learning experience for them and I am one proud momma with how well they did!


Heather B said...

How fun! It looks sooooooo cold, but them running around keeps their little bodies warm!

wurstens5 said...

Fun. Looks cold.

Annette said...

Actually they finished a month ago - I just haven't had a chance to post the pics. It was only cold the last days when they played the games and they were running so much they were fine!

Bonnie said...

Sorry we were too busy to go watch the boys; they look like they both had great times. And how cute!!

JandK Manwaring Family said...

Looks so fun! Totally foreign, though, with 3 girls here we haven't done tried football yet :)