Saturday, November 21, 2009

What a Great Brother!

I am feeling overwhelmed with the love my children have for each other.

No they don't always get along, but they do most of the time.

It really warms my heart that they are all very good friends with each other and enjoy playing together every day.

Audrey and Kyle are very close as well as Kyle and Kaden.

I just love them so much
and find such joy to see how sweet they are to each other.


Here is something Kyle wrote inside the back cover of his coloring book just now.

...Audrey has been throwing up today! :(

Oh and on the inside of the front cover we found this and had a laugh!

My friend Marrianne gave me a gift for my "Amber Paige"
(remember the Doc. said 100% girl!)

...a couple days before I had Kaden Michael instead! :)

She also
gave Audrey and Kyle a coloring book

(well, it's signed by her son, Caleb.)

Ha Ha...Funny Stuff!!!


Bonnie said...

I love it, but am sorry Audrey is not completely well yet.

peas n' honey said...

oh hello! so glad you found me :) i love blogging buddies!

your little kyle's note warmed my heart. how adorable!