Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Parties and more Parties

We had a Neighborhood Halloween Party - in the way of decorating cookies and...

...carving pumpkins.

This is our sweet neighbor Aeva.

The group pictures of all the kids didn't want to post unless they were sideways. :(

This is at our Ward Trick-or-Treat and Dinner that night.

Note: Since there were no masks allowed, Kevin painted Kyle's face free-hand. Wow.

This is Kyle and one of his best friends, Sadie. She is in his Primary class at church and they're in the same Kindergarten class too. They are inseparable. Always playing together and sitting next to each other on the bus.

Here they are sharing candy!

And here we have one frog, one "Bumblebee" Transformer and one kitty cat!

Here's what we looked like 12 years ago. (Oh wait, we looked a lot younger, but...)


Bonnie said...

Whatfun parties!(and parents) look great in their costumes. Can't wait to see them in person on Halloween.

Bonnie said...

Sorry I made a mistake. Meant to say the kids (and parents) look great.