Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Lucky Number...

...Has Always Been 8! Eight is Great!!!

Audrey is 8 and it has been such a wonderful 8 years with her. She is such a beautiful daughter on the inside and on the out. I can't imagine my life without my "doll." She brightens my life every day!

A: Always happy and excited about everything in life. Every new person place or thing - you name it she is so ready and willing and stoked. She has never even had a problem with certain things some kids might be weary about - dentists, doctors, x-rays, blood tests, wearing a back brace, wearing a space maintainer in her mouth, wearing glasses - they were all a fun and new experience.

U: Understanding. She is very understanding about anything. She is not the type to be let down about disappointments for long. For instance: choosing btw. going to a school barbecue and movie night, a church ward party or her Great Grandpa's viewing the night of her b-day. She choose the viewing whole-heartedly. Then there were tryouts for parts in her dance studio's spring ballet the day of the funeral. I was going to take her to the tryouts after the funeral during the burial and then we'd go to the luncheon afterwards. But, as soon as the funeral was over she said "I don't want to tryout anymore, I want to go to the burial!"

D: Daring. She has been on stage since she was 2 years old - singing, dancing and acting - and she has never been nervous or scared once. She is a born star and one of her biggest dreams is to be on Disney Channel someday. Also she talks to anybody and everybody about anything anytime - always has. This girl has never had a shy day.

R: Really good at so many different things. School, dancing, making friends, art, singing, crafting, acting, remembering facts, dates or memories, making friends and being a true friend, being kind to everyone, and loving and being good with all animals.

E: Energetic. She wakes up with so much energy right from the start and is happy-go-lucky the rest of the day almost every minute of every day.

Y: Yearns to do what is right. She really tries to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She helps me all the time when she is home, many times without being asked. She loves to help others too. She always wants to donate her money to "Pennies of the Inch" - a church program that gives donated money to needy kids. Her favorite Article of Faith is the 13th and she has those traits spoke about in it. She is very ready for her baptism on Saturday and will make a wonderful member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Her birthday was on a school day. Her brothers gave her a messenger bag for their present to her that morning. She has wanted one for awhile and was very happy.

Kev made her the "A" pancake and I always let the kids pick a sugar cereal to have that one time of year. She chose cocoa puffs.

When she got home we gave her the presents from us. The main one was this kitty with a hair salon and carrier. She was very thankful!

I love how she was petting it like a real kitten!

That night after the viewing she had her cake. (One is hers, one is a gluten-free one for Kev and the cupcakes were for a secret service project our ward was doing.)

Blowing out her candles...

....trick ones so it took her awhile!

Friend b-day party! My idea but Kev's artistry with the sign.

Again my idea but Kev's talent.

What a hit!

B-day party brownie and ice cream!

Audrey and her cute and sweet B.F.F.'s!

Me doing Jenna's hair.

Audrey's Aunt Melanie and Aunt Kellie (in town from AZ) came to help!

And her Grandma Hansen was amazing with the nail designs!

Audrey all made up.

Celia all made up.

Maggie all made up.

Jenna all made up.

Gorgeous nails.

So cute - they all already have boys after them!

But they say no to boyfriends! Way to go girlies!

I love them all!!!

After the party Kellie let Audrey do her makeup, nails...

...and hair. She didn't do half bad! :)


Sara said...

You always do such great posts when it's time to celebrate your children's lives. That looks like it was an awesome party. I'll have to remember that one when Katie gets older.

Heather B said...

looks like she had a great birthday. Can't believe we have kids that old!

Alison said...

she really is a beautiful girl. How do you have an 8 year old already??? That seems unreal! What a great party, Kevin is so artistic, too. Way awesome.

Bonnie said...

Cute photos of Audrey's party; I know it was a great one. We finally got our computers back on line so I can get caught up with everything.