Monday, March 31, 2008

Glasses and Paul

9 days ago I finally got Audrey into the eye doctor. She's been complaining about the words on the chalkboard and overhead at school being blurry for a little while.

Once she mentioned her problems with blurriness I knew it would mean she would end up being a Kindergartner with glasses, just like her mom was!

So after she said she was having trouble seeing I told her we would have to get her in to the eye doctor and have her tested - and that she'd probably get glasses. Well ever since that day she was so excited to get glasses! She would ask me if I'd made the appointment right when she got home from school. It took me awhile because I wanted her to take the eye exam at school first to make sure, and the school nurse was out of town for 2 weeks. Once she took that test and failed the distance portion I made the appointment with Dr. Sparks. She was so happy!

It was so funny because Dr. Sparks has been my optometrist since I've been married (going on 8 years) and right after he had Audrey take the first test (he had 5 or 6 different ones) he said:
He said she will probably follow in my footsteps (how sad) and end up with really bad eyesight like me (I'm legally blind.) He said when children have to get glasses before 2nd grade there's about a 90% chance they'll end up with a very high prescription as an adult. He said most kids who have glasses first get them from 2nd-5th grade.

I find it humorous how ecstatic she's been about getting glasses.
This was her on the way to go pick them up today. She knew that it was supposed to be 7-10 days and yesterday she mentioned that Tuesday would be the 10th day and they had to be there by then! (She counted the days out on her own.) I honestly can't remember how I felt as a 5 year old when I got my glasses but all the memories I do have of glasses are all pretty much the opposite of happiness! But, good for her! I hope she enjoys them until I let her get contacts (and I'll definitely let her get them fairly young - I was 12 and could've had them earlier.)

She only has to wear them for seeing things 6 feet or more away. I'm going to try and be strict with that because if she wears them more than she needs she might get worse faster. (The eye doctor said she'll probably get worse as often as I did and that was once a year for a long time...)
I have to mention that a couple of weeks ago Kevin and I took her to a highschool production of Bye Bye Birdie (one of my all time favorite movies) and she said to us:

My purse in the picture is not one of those huge purses - it's very average size.

Oh and I feel very forgetful because over 3 months ago my sister-in-law Kellie's husband had a birthday. (The day after Christmas - and he's said to be used to having his b-day forgotten because of the day it is, but I still feel bad.)
So, PAUL, Happy (Extremely Late) Birthday!
We think you're the perfect husband for Kellie and a great father to your 2 (going on 3) children!
Love ya,
Kev and Nettie


Anonymous said...

You were actually happy to have your glasses because you could see so much better. I think it was a few years later that they became a "yoke around your neck," shall we say. The glasses back then were really large (not the cute, tiny ones like Audrey has, so maybe that had something to do with not liking them. I was determined to let you get contacts when you were fourteen and in high school. Then when you conveniently(?) broke your glasses when you had just turned 12 and at your first summer camp, you insisted that it was silly to get another pair of glasses when you could just get contacts then. We balked some but finally went along and it was one of the best decisions we ever made. You loved the contacts and never had a minute's trouble getting used to or taking care of them. Audrey seems genuinely excited with her glasses and I'm so glad she can see better now. MOM

Family:whatitmeans said...

I, too, remember wanting glasses so badly! Now of course needing tem, find it annoying. Such is life...good luck Audrey. Enjoy them while it's new.

Rebecca D. said...

How cute is she!!! I love her attitude about it all! I remember wanting glasses as a kid. strange huh!!!!

SO I had a fun conversation with Don Osmond via face book the other day!! I thought of you! I needed his help finding his cousin for a reunion and he helped out! funny huh!

janeen said...

I remenmber as a kid getting excited about having glasses but after a while I refused to wear them. Oh how things change! Audrey looks nice in glasses!

Kristine said...

she looks really cute. i think all kids think glasses would be so cool to have. i remember being jealous that janeen had them and i didn't. now i am glad that i don't need them cause i still don't think i could put contacts on my eyes.

nicole said...

Ivy has glasses for reading the board at school. She is supposed to wear them while reading too. The coolness has worn off for her, she rarely wears them now.

The Loveridge Family said...

That's cute that Audrey was excited to get her new glasses. Maybe there is hope and she won't be as blind as her mommy (or as I am too!).

Sara said...

I got my first pair of glasses in 3rd grade. I'm hoping our kids have Chad's perfect vision. Audrey looks great in hers though and I hope she continues to enjoy them!

Proud Mommy of 3 said...

I just took Jordan to the eye doc again cause he was complaining of blurry things and his teacher mentioned he might need them. Luckily he didnt but he was SO upset...still is. I find it interesting how they want them SO badly!