Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Stitches and Laura

I knew Kaden would be my first to wind up in the hospital due to an accident. None of my children have ever gone to the hospital (except Audrey when she was a baby and had a mild case of R.S.V.) ... until NOW!
Monday night Kaden decided to flip off of our bed and in doing so his head ran into a corner of the nightstand. This is after Kevin cleaned up the cut (and the blood on the floor - I was trying not to faint through all of it) and said "Nettie, I'm going to need to take him to the hospital, I think he's going to have to get stitches."

He took some pictures on his cell phone while they were at the hospital (without me asking - thanks honey for thinking of that!)
Kev said he was a trooper.
He kept saying "Owie" and pointing to the wound.

Kevin said he actually did awesome until they had to put this over his head (to keep everything sterile) and then he cried and got upset - but that was the only time he had to hold him down.

6 stitches all together!

Poor baby!!!

Kaden's always been into everything and he's my biggest climber. He's also my biggest dare-devil and has no fear. I just knew he'd have to go to the hospital sometime soon.

He went to sleep fine after that. Too bad he couldn't have just gone to sleep when we put him to bed. The reason he was on our bed in the first place is because he likes to cry at night and a lot of the time we feel bad for Kyle (they share a room) so we bring him to our room for awhile - so frustrating!!!

And the next morning he slept in until after 10am!!! (He's usually up btw 7-8am.)
Oh and Laura I hate to put your pretty face here after all that gore - but I had to give a shout out to you since Sunday was your birthday! I love you and you know you are like a sister to me! Hope you had a great day!


debbie said...

poor baby! i cannot believe we have not been to the hospital for one of our boys yet, for something like that. i know it is going to happen at some point. aren't you glad you had kevin there?

The Loveridge Family said...

Poor little guy...that's amazing how good he was getting the stiches!

Stephanie said...

Annette, I am amazed that you have three kids and this is your first big hospital visit -- we go to the emergency room 2 or 3 times a year with all of our boys. Hope Kaden's head heals up soon.

janeen said...

poor Kaden. We have been to the hospital for stiches with kaitlin how Keegan han't ever had to make a visit bewilders me! Hope he's doing better.

wurstens5 said...

oh how sad. I dread that day as well.

Sara said...

Poor guy! What a trooper though. I'm dreading the day when we'll have to run one of our kids to the hospital. I hope I can get away with not going as long as you have.

nicole said...

Poor little Kaden. Tell him that he will have a super cool scar like his coz Ivy. This reminds me of when I rushed Ivy to the hospital to get 16 stitches above her eye. It is a scary moment when you have to take your kids to the hospital.

Rebecca D. said...

Poor little guy!!!I would so have to make Mike do that sort of thing!!! I am such a wimp!