Sunday, March 9, 2008

Birthday Roundup

Happy Late Birthday to some, just plain Happy Birthday to others and Happy Early Birthday to more
(and least I won't miss the ones that haven't happened yet this way!!!)

January 19th - Kevin - 29 years old!

Kev I can NOT express to you what it means to me how you are so wonderful to our kids. That day last month when you spent 5 hours (without EVER coming in the whole time) in the snow with the kids making this snow fort (and the snowman) amazed me. I just felt so special to have a husband who is so fun and dedicated to being there for his children.

This was taken the night of the ward Valentines dinner and dance. It was so fun to ballroom dance with you for over an hour. You are so good and it's awesome (and necessary) for me to have a sweetheart to dance with.

February 11th - (niece) Ivy - 13 years old!

Ivy you have always been the sweetest thing! You are a great older sister to Sage and you KNOW my kids adore you!! The other day we heard "Complicated" by Avril Lavigne on the radio and Kyle said "mom this girl's voice is beautiful, she sounds like Ivy." And Audrey still to this day asks if her laugh sounds "like Ivy's" when she giggles whole heartily!

Ivy I just can NOT believe you're a teenager now. I remember when I met you and you where a little toddler, when you were younger than Audrey and one of my flower girls at the receptions, and when you used to leave the cutest singing messages on the answering machines. Now you (and your mom) are a NUMBER #1 Edward -from Twilight - fan!!! And you were a (gorgeous) fork in Beauty and the Beast!!!

February 22nd - my mom - 68 years old??!!??!!??

I know the math works out to that number but I just can NOT believe it. I know you use Mary Kay and that has to be a part of it but - hello! Seriously!

Anyways you know you are the world to me and because of you, any good I am to those people in the picture (my husband and kids) is from what you taught me.

It's so fun to see you with all of your grandchildren. You are one of the best moms ever and now you are one of the best grandmothers on earth!!!

March 9th - (nephews) Michael and Joshua - 3 years old!

Mike and Josh - what can I say? Look at how tiny you started out (and you were 2 months old here - what cuties.) You were and are such a miracle to everybody.

And now you are the most handsome, fun-loving, energetic, smart and athletic twin boys I've ever known! And I love this picture that gives the glimpse of the future missionaries!

March 25th - (nephew) Isaac - 1 year old!

Isaac this is the first time we met you - when you were one month old -and you and your parents came to visit from AZ. We had to get a picture of you next to Kaden - you're only 9 months apart so you'll always be close and have lots of fun playing when we all get together!

Now you are so big and good-looking. A heart breaker already!

March 28th (sister in law) Mindy - 26 years old!
March 29th (Kev's brother) Steven - 26 years old!

You guys are awesome! I can see why you're so alike (and yet different) - you almost have the same birthday! You're perfect for each other!!

And although 26 isn't old - it doesn't seem like you could have reached that age yet - you're so young at heart!!! (And I love it.)


nicole said...

Nice post Annette.
I was wondering where you were in the blogging world.

Sara said...

Those are a lot of birthdays to keep track of! Your parents are looking great!

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Kristine said...

i love that you do these birthday posts. it is so thoughtful of you.

Family:whatitmeans said...

Annette, I tagged you, go to my blog to get the details.

Anonymous said...

We finally got a new computer. The birthday blog was great; I, of course,enjoyed the one about your mom (me)! What a special tribute from my favorite daughter. Love, MOM