Sunday, November 18, 2007

Goodbye Dutchess :(

Well last Saturday was happy and sad. Happy because Kevin's sister Kellie came to visit from Arizona where she lives.

Sad because the reason she flew out was because she came to say goodbye to her 10 year old dog (who her mom and dad have taken care of for the last 5 years.) Dutchess was not doing well so Kellie and Kev's parents decided it was time to put her down. She was just too miserable - blind and deaf and tired.

So we all went down to Shelley to play with her one last time.

Our kids have known and played with her their whole life - and I knew her as long as I knew Kevin -we wanted to say goodbye.

So here is what she looked like before they left for the vet...

And within 20 minutes, they were back and there she was looking like this in her grave. I have to admit, I was pretty shocked with sadness. But, I brought out the mommy strength and said nicely "now she is running and playing in dog heaven where she can see and hear again!"

Kev's dad Larry mentioned that in South America (he served an L.D.S. mission in Bolivia) everyone puts some dirt in the grave. So we all did.

The kids chipped in too.

Kaden wanted to help his dad shovel dirt in.
And then Grandma helped Audrey put flowers on top...

Followed by Kyle. (The grass was put back on later after Larry watered the dirt.)

I have to admit that it was an emotional day for me - even though I hid my emotions (which I don't normally do unless I have to for my kids.) I never had a pet growing up other than fish, birds and hamsters - and seeing them die still wasn't easy. But seeing a dog die kind of shook me - although I ignored it until a few days later and finally let myself cry (after the kids were in bed.) It was just weird to pet her one minute and within a short few minutes after that, she was gone.

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PandinaFamily said...

Also, never having pets growing up, didn't understand why people got so upset when their pets after having Mia, I dread the possibilty. I must say the photo of the blanket in the grave shook me too. Actually shook me like I was cold. Hope all your hearts heal quickly...give Thanks for Dutchess on Thanksgiving. :)