Monday, November 19, 2007

Birthday Clusters

Anyone else have these?!?!
Well I have a fall cluster of 8 in my family. And I failed to post about all but one so far...

First, on September 20th (o.k. it's 3 days before fall starts but it's in the September part of the cluster) is the best father in law I could ever have - Larry's birthday!

Two days later on September 22nd is Kellie's oldest - Ian's birthday. Kellie is Kev's youngest sister.

This year Ian turned 2!

Not even a week later is Audrey's birthday on the 25th and the best mother in law for me - Susan's on the 26th!

Not even a week after that is my brother Greg's firstborn son Liam's birthday on October 2nd.

This year he was 1!

Not even a week after that is Kevin's Dad's Mom's birthday on October 9th. (She is such a great Grandma, friend and one of my best Mary Kay customers!)

Then there's Greg's wife Liza's birthday on October 24th. This year she turned 28! Yes, Greg married someone 3 months younger than his baby sister. (He's such a stud!)

It all ends today - November 19th - Happy Birthday Kellie! I can't believe you are 23!!! And pregnant with your third child!!! You still look 16!!! This picture was taken last Saturday - What do you think, does she look 23 to you?!?!

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Anonymous said...

A late Happy Birthday to a great bunch of people. It reminds me of April, when we have three nieces and two nephews who have birthdays between April 5-8. Also, September is a busy month with 6. It's pretty hard to keep up with cards, etc. And yes, Kellie looks everybit as old as 16, and I can't believe how much Audrey resembles her. I'm glad you had a nice visit. Love, MOM