Friday, August 3, 2007

Flashback Friday - A Year In Dance

" The Flight of the Bumblebee" Dance - dress rehearsal. Audrey is the one all the way to the right who starts in the back (and then goes to the front among other places.)

The beautiful dancer all done up for the Studio One June 2007 recital.

I couldn't resist taking this extreme close up of her in full makeup! I'm so in love with those

This picture is interesting. We went to the store to pick out flowers for her and also for her teacher. I assumed she picked more for herself but when she got home she mentioned how the bouquet was for her teacher. I said "Audrey, I thought you wanted that for yourself." She said "No mom, that's for Ms. Dantzel!"

The note she wrote to her teacher - notice the picture of the bumblebees?

Mom and kids outside the Civic Auditorium all ready to go in.

And here you have Kev and me with Audrey and our other "son and daughter" back in December all dressed up for the party scene for the Nutcracker performance.

The three of us. Isn't Kev a hottie with his makeup?!

Us again, nice curtsy, Audrey.

Here is Audrey with her partner she had for the children's couple's dance during the party scene. (They were the youngest guests.) His name is Timmy - he's actually her cousin's cousin! He is Kev's sister's husband's brother's son!!! He is a year younger than her and was much shorter at the time so when he twirled her she had to majorly duck!

This is an adorable one of them together with Timmy's tongue slipping out.

And here she is with her class joined with the younger class - what cute Chinese for the Chinese dance!

Fast forward 6 months and you get cute Bumblebees!


Anonymous said...

I don't think a dad could be any prouder than watching Audrey developing her talents and do so well. It was a great experience participating in the Nutcracker with Audrey. Talk about direct involvement. After looking at those pictures, I don't think I'll ever do drag. :) - Kevin

PandinaFamily said...

Wow, I had no idea she is so involved with dance. She's very cute.

Nettie! said...

Audrey's going into her fourth year in dance. She has always loved it and it's definately a true gift of hers. I spent A LOT of time on this post - and it's about something my whole family has a passion for. (Believe it our not, I still have another post I need to do on her other Dance Studio.) Dancing is something we spend a lot of time doing, going or coming from! I'm a little bummed about the amount of comments because I've been waiting to put together this for awhile and was very excited about finally getting it done...

janeen said...

I love all the pictures! It makes me want to put Kaitlin in dance. I just didn't know if she was old enough quite yet to enjoy it, but it looks like Audrey loves it. Your family looks great!

Anonymous said...

Of course, we've enjoyed watching Audrey dance and her recitals. We especially enjoyed seeing the three of you in the Nutcracker last December. You all looked so beautiful (and handsome) and the production was very well done.

Anonymous said...

I have a kid whoes name is Audrey too. She doesn't dance but I bet she would love to have YOUR Audrey as a buddy. She is just as active as MY little Audrey! Kids are such precious dolls. You have to treat them with love and care! :)

Anonymous said...

Life's what you make it so let's make it rock!!! YAYE!!!

Anonymous said...

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