Friday, August 24, 2007

Flashback Friday - Eric and Nicole, I hope your birthdays were great! Love ya tons!!!

Mom and baby Eric home from the hospital - 35 years ago as of a couple of weeks ago!

Eric with his serious face - still uses it a lot to this day!

I'm sad this picture turned out like this - I think it's a copy and not the original. But, I still wanted to put it on for you Eric to make you feel better. You see, even though everyone thinks you're the spitting image of Dad - here he is 3 yrs younger than you are today with a LOT less hair!

Another distorted one - and yet so precious of Eric and Grandma Bagley. (Doesn't she look like and older Earlene in that picture?!)

Oh yes, here he is doing one of his favorite pastimes - talking on the phone?!?! Not really, but it's a fun shot!

This is so funny - you just had to get on the table to pose, huh? And I WANT mom's bag!!! (Too bad it's history!)

Awwwwwww, what a cute toddler! Eric I still think Sage is at least 90% you! (That's o.k. Nicole - because I think Ivy's 90% you - I promise I thought she WAS you at the reunion last Saturday for a second!)

Enter Nicole and Ivy! Thank goodness for them! What a cute family you were there on your wedding day!
I had to add this one in of you with Audrey at Greg and Liza's wedding reception. What a good Uncle you are!

Eric you don't know how amazing it was to see you with Sage right after he was born. You were so sweet as a first time father of a newborn! You're a great dad to him and to Ivy! I am so proud of you as a family man! Also, you're a very hard worker and have done so well for yourself in your career! And I can't believe you're going to run a marathon in October - way to go! Eric, growing up (after I reached a certain age) we didn't always get along...but now I can see it's because we are a lot alike in some ways. I love you and always have and now during the last 10 yrs I have become to really LIKE you too! You are handsome, funny, hard-working, athletic, persistent, determined, and musical. You're also a good dancer and have a great taste in music which I've benefited from for a LONG time. Hope your b-day was wonderful!

Nicole, I think this has got to be one of THE most beautiful pictures of a mother and her son I've EVER seen! Nicole you are a phenomenal mother. I am so lucky that Eric and you got married. I can't imagine life without you. Your talents are many. You're excellent at giving massages, doing hair, knitting, stain glassing, making organic skin care, doing handy work around the house, decorating AND you can sing and dance - what can't you do?! Most importantly, you are one of the strongest people I know! To go through ALL of your health problems and still be so healthy and such a fighter. You are such an example to all who have ever gone through anything wrong with their body. I mean really Nicole, you amaze me! I love you tons, happy late b-day!

Oh and Happy 39th wedding anniversary (yesterday) mom and dad! You are the BEST!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sweet pictures and comments Annette. Looks like a lot of work to me.
Love, Nicole

ERIC said...

Nicole and I had such a great time looking at these pictures and reading your thoughtful comments. It does look like a lot of work and we appreciate it- thank you. We love you and your family very much and it was great to see you!

Anonymous said...

Nothing is more important to dad and me than our family; we love all of you so much! Thanks, Annette, for your diligence in reminding all of us of that. It was a sweet walk down "memory lane." Love, MOM