Friday, August 10, 2007

Flashback Friday - Goodbye Dance Tech!

After a lot of thought and prayer, we have decided to keep Audrey at Studio One and not continue her at Dance Tech.

This is Audrey all ready to leave for her first day of Dance Tech.

She was two years old when she started (and turned 3 the next month.)

Here she is practicing her dance at home. Since it was such a young class, a lot of the girls in her class wouldn't dance, or would cry or not go out for class or the performances at all. Not Audrey, she always loved every minute of class and of the shows.

She was not one of the oldest, but was the tallest by far!

Her first year she did two jazz dances: one to "Tie a Yellow Ribbon around the old Oak Tree" and one to "Fill me up Buttercup."

Here she is in her second year practicing for her jazz dance to the "Walk like an Angel/You're a Devil in Disguise" song by Elvis. Kyle learned the dance with her and since he didn't have a tail to twirl - he used his blanket.

She also did a tap dance but I can't remember what the song was!

In front of the sleigh at the Festival of Trees.

All ready to leave for the Festival of Trees her third year.

She did a jazz dance to "Celebrate" and her tap dance was to "The Heat is On."

This is her playing with some friends from class in the warm up room before Festival of Trees. We're sad to say goodbye to Dance Tech. They've been wonderful. We had to choose between a Studio that offers everything including classical ballet and pointe along with the opportunity to be in ballets like the "Nutcracker", and one that offers a lot, but not those things. That's what it came down to. Although what made it extra tough was that Dance Tech invited her to be on the advanced - invitation only- mini jazz team - a competitive team that only a few 5 and 6 year olds are asked to be on a year! But, she can compete on her jazz team at Studio One and learn classical ballet too. So, that's our BIG decision for the year concerning Audrey and dance. Hope you enjoy these pictures and that you liked the ones of Studio One from the last post. It took me a lot of time to compile both posts so if you have a second, let me know if you like what you see!


wurstens5 said...

Cute pictures. That looks so fun. I can not wait to put Ashlie in dance. She will probably start this fall when Matthew starts pre school.

alli said...

Audrey's pictures are so cute and so are your family ones at the Nutcracker.

Anonymous said...

It's been fun watching Audrey improve each year in dance; you can tell how much she loves it. Not being prejudiced at all, but she really has feeling and grace when she just dances around the living room to Pop's music. Of course, the boys love dancing too. We wish her the best of luck at Studio One. Love, MOM

Rebecca D. said...

holy cow!!That girl is so adorable! I have to ask... is all that dance and costoms so expensive? We are thinking about getting Macy signed up this year but I never thought of all the outfits you have to buy! honestly email me and let me know what I should be expecting!

Nettie! said...

It's not bad here - probably around the same in UT - I could e-mail you, Becca - but I don't have your address!

kristine said...

those are some really cute pics. when we were in Hawaii all the little kids would dance at half time at the basketball games. It was so cute. I have thought about putting both kids in dance but don't know yet when I will. Will your boys take dance too?

Nettie! said...

I don't know - maybe hip hop or break dancing or even ballroom SOMEDAY down the road, or maybe just gymnastics. And definately sports later on.

Rochelle Oleson said...

Those pictures are really cute. I really want to put my Audrey into dance, I'd want her to take ballet. I did when I was a kid and my MOM was an excellent ballerina. Also Audrey Hepburn was a fantastic ballerina and since I named her after Audrey Lauren Hepburn I think that would make the most sense. Your Audrey looks so cute dancing and in her costumes. How fun! Can't wait to see her dance some more. Good luck with it all. Keep dancing Audrey!