Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Break 2010 - St. George, UT

Beautiful scenery on the way!

Kaden is always so cute to take a peak back at!

Everyone was so glad to get there to WARM weather!

Kaden excited to go to the park!


I got to meet up with my Rick's college roommate at a local DINOSAUR MUSEUM! Here's a picture of all our kids together. (She happened to be visiting from CO the same time we were!)


Jamie, my old roommate and me at a park.


Brigham Young's House.

Kaden was a little tired.

St. George Temple.

Kyle took this picture of me!

Kaden had to give in to his fatigue.

Pioneer names at Snow Canyon.

More swim time!

A beautiful hike at Red Cliffs!

It was a wonderful trip!


Bonnie said...

Long time coming, but glad to see the updates. Love, MOM

Heather B said...

Fun! Kenny and I are headed to Southern UT for a week next month. Yea for warm weather! Too bad we have to kebabs home to find it...

Heather B said...

That previous comment makes no sense! Stupid auto spell check. I don't even remember what I wanted to about....too bad we have to leave home to find it.

Better! :)