Tuesday, March 29, 2011

So...........since it's only been a year....I think I'll update my blog!

March 2010

(No you didn't read the year wrong. I'm going to try to catch up all of last last year!)

Audrey and Kyle after church the Sunday before
St. Patrick's Day!

I think Audrey's hair looked especially beautiful that day!

Where was Kaden you might ask? He was too sick to move! Poor guy! But Kyle was kind enough to read to him!

Kaden is the happiest kid! Even when he was so sick that he ended up in the hospital, his Spirits were high!

Audrey with very curly hair after 40 curlers and her new fancy lunchbag!

Audrey and Kevin before their Daddy Daughter date for Activity Day.

They couldn't pass up an opportunity for the Hansen face pose!

Audrey has her dad wrapped around her little finger and always has!

Audrey needed to give a kiss back!

She loves her DAD so much!!!

I was an Activity Day leader at the time and I was in charge of Pin the cherry on the sundae!

Pin the cherry on the sundae number 2!

Jolene and I at Leo's. The kids played for hours while we chatted! So nice to have girl talk!

All of our cute, adorable (goofy) kids eating their pizza at Leo's! They loved playing in the play place and enjoyed quite a few games too!

During Sacrament meeting at church one day I noticed that Kaden was getting warmer and warmer. Near the end I noticed a RASH on his face! Needless to say, we went home early!

He also had a RASH all over his arms and legs!
He had it for a couple of days and then it went away! He is usually very healthy so I guess March was his month to get a few bugs!

My neighbor and WONDERFUL friend Robyn and me...being silly!!! We love to have fun. We make sure to go on a Girls Night Out at least once a month with each other and many other great ladies in our church ward!

Tamara and Curtis' Birthday party was a blast! We ate, played games, ate and played more games!

More March to come because I will dedicate a whole post to our Spring Break trip to St. George, UT!

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