Thursday, June 25, 2009


Hi! I have a herniated disc (L5) in my lower back/lumbar area but am getting better. (That's what I get for trying to get all unpacked right away and lifting tons of boxed I shouldn't have!) The chiropracter I'm going to is doing stem/heat, adjustments and a decompression table (it's crazy - it actually stretches my spine with weight!) He has me due to be 50% better by the end of July and 100% by the end of August! (That's great considering when it happened I couldn't walk without help and it was more painful than any contraction I've ever felt from all 3 babies!)


Could someone tell me why all the pictures I'm uploading (I've been trying to do a b-day post for Kaden for a week) will not go to the center when I press on the center button. They upload on the right side (I've never had that happen before) and then I click on them, then the center button - and they still stay on the right! I've tried everything!!!Argggggggggg!!!!!

BTW, notice how I can get the text to center?!


wurstens5 said...

Hope you feel better,enjoy your new home

Alison said...

Hope your back feels better soon. It's terrible not being able to move normally.

yeah, when you upload pictures to blogger, they give you the option of size and justification on the popup window...check to see if it's set to "center".

janeen said...

Sorry I wish I could help, but I have no idea!
I'll be in IF in a few days. Maybe we can find sometime to get together on Friday?

Sara said...

Hope your recovery goes well! I want to see pics of your new home!