Friday, July 6, 2007

Flashback Friday - Annette!

O.k., Kristine, you had a good idea and I listened. I am posting these old pictures of me today. My beautiful 3 photo albums from birth to Christmas 2005 (when I received them for a gift from my mom) are in one of the three boxes we haven't run across in storage yet. So, I scanned in some photos my mom has. She has a baby book of me from birth-2 years old. Then she has an album of the last years of me at home. So, that's why the age jumps from 2-16! I hope you enjoy and maybe some of you will have some memories in viewing them.

This is very special. My dad made this and snapped a picture of it on the day I was born!

This is me a month before I was 1 year old - on vacation in Salt Lake City Utah on my Grandpa Bagley's reclining chair. My cousins and I would all try to sit on that together from the time we were babies up until my Grandma died and the house was sold when we were teenagers!
My 2 (almost 3) year old self on the stairs in my Rochester, N.Y. house that I modeled, acted, sang, danced and did gymnastics on the whole 18 years I lived there.

Want to hear something interesting (crazy?) about my Junior year in high school? I was invited to another high school's Senior Ball the night before my SAT's and my Junior Prom. So, being a typical "invincible" teenager, I went to the Webster Ball with a guy I met at Stake basketball, didn't sleep that night and yet took the SAT's and scored well above average, and then fixed my hair and put the same dress on again to go to my Junior Prom that night. And my boyfriend was wondering why my eyes were a little squinted and not very "open" for our picture that night!

I just had to add that since a good amount of the comments I get on this blog are from Roch 2nd (oh and also a big reason why I started blogging.) Can you guess who this is? I'll give you a hint - Sarah Baier was also invited to the Webster Ball, and was in the group I went with, and this was taken at her house after all of the pictures of the Ball-going- teenagers. Me and one of my favorite rug-rats at the time! After this we all went to Webster to ride to the school in a stretch limo!

I ended up wearing this dress twice also. Once to another school's Senior Ball and once to mine! This is my friend Andrea and I before our Senior Ball - right after our big group got our pics. Then we all hopped into our stretch limo to go to Olympia High! (One good thing about being a girl - not having to pay for the limo - although I don't think that compares to wedding costs...)

Me doing a wipback flip on my front lawn of 23 Mountain Ash Drive (Greece, NY.) Boy did that lawn and tree get a lot of use as places for me to do my floor and bar routines - in addition to dance and cheerleading routines.

This is Becky Graham and I at my 18th family b-day dinner (I guess I got to invite a friend.) Roch 2nd girls - do you see that she is opening the scrapbook Michelle McGuiness made for me!

Guess who my mom was feeding that night - the missionaries!! Notice my cookie cake. I don't know if this was my first but ever since I got my first one (definitely sometime in my teen years) I have never had anything else for my b-day. 10 years later and of course that's what I had last Monday!

I found this picture and couldn't resist. It's me out proselyting before the Hill Cumorah Pageant (minus the Lamanite dancer costume, of course) and running into who else?!
Notice the theme going on with these last 3 pictures. Boy there were always a lot of missionaries in N.Y. This is me and my summer boyfriend I had to say goodbye to before I headed to Ricks. There's Sarah and wow, the missionaries again. Out of these three pictures 4 of the missionaries wrote me when they got home and there were more from Rochester I don't have pictures of right now that did too! One of them told me "There was no way I would make it on a mission before I got married." I was so mad because it was right after my Senior year "mini mission" and I just KNEW I would serve a full time mission when I was 21. Guess what I was doing when I turned 21, instead? I was engaged and days away from getting married...


Sara said...

I love all the pictures! And I especially love the ones with the Roch 2nd girls. Good memories and good friends.

janeen said...

great pictures! It's so fun to look back at everyone's old pic's.

Kristine said...

i loved all the pics. you look the same s you did as a baby. and i love the blocks your dad arranged.

your pics bring back so many good memories.

Aaron & Debbie said...

that was a fun post and i love the blocks your dad did, so cute!

Anonymous said...

I'm always late with my comments, but they don't mean any less. You've the story a million times of how dad and I cried when you were born, because we couldn't believe we really had a little girl. You have been a joy to us since that day! We love you for what you have been and are now, and for the three beautiful grandchilden you have given us.
Love, MOM
p.s. Yes, I certainly remember the tree and the stairs in our Rochester home which were your lookout (hanging upside down usually) and your stage.

Rebecca D. said...

So cute Annette! I love seeing all those fun pictures. How is Becky Gram?