Wednesday, February 10, 2010


...By the way, in case anyone was interested we DID have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Cute kids in Sunday Christmas clothes after church.

Ready to open presents from Uncle Eric, Aunt Nicole, cousins Ivy and Sage...

Homemade Christmas PJs! :)

Christmas morning!

Santa brought one toy for each child

(oh and for mom and dad too)

and he stuffed our stockings.

It was nice to scale back with the gifts!

Audrey got one big and one small teddy bear. Kyle got a cash register. Kaden got Tinker Toys.

Kids exchange - the kids drew names so they each had one sibling to buy for!

Audrey got Littlest Petshop and a new Connect 4 x4 from Kyle!

(The picture got deleted by accident.)

Thanks Kyle!

A puzzle from Mom and Dad!

Books from Mom and Dad!

Kyle got a McQueen art set, G.I. Joe w/motorcycle from Kaden!

Thanks Kaden!

Kyle's puzzle from Mom and Dad!

Kyle's books from Mom and Dad!

Kaden got Handy Manny and his motorcycle from Audrey!

Thanks Audrey!

Here he is with his puzzle from Mom and Dad!

Kaden with his books from Mom and Dad!

We surprised the kids with some Harry Potter brooms after they had opened everything.

They were stoked!

We love Harry Potter at our house so...

...our kids are usually pretending to be wizards once a day - this will make it even more fun to play Harry Potter!

Grandma and Pops Anderson came over that afternoon and gave them some great presents!

That night all of the Hansen's came to our house - Kev read the Christmas Story out of the Bible...

...and everyone but Isaac participate.
(He was having a tough time during those 5 minutes but he was happy before and after that.)

All of us together before dinner.


We were so glad Kellie and Paul could come from AZ! :)

Mercedes sharing a candy cane with me!

Audrey's present from Grandma and Grandpa Hansen!

Kyle's present from Grandma and Grandpa Hansen!

Kaden's present from Grandma and Grandpa Hansen!

See! Told you Isaac was happy before and after the mager play!

The next day we went down to Shelley and visited Great Grandma Hansen!
She had this beautiful wall hanging given to her when Grandpa died.
It's the quote he always said when anyone asked him how he was!!

She loves to visit with the children!

Then we went to see Great Grandma Walton and had a nice visit there as well!

The following Monday we went down to UT and here's a shot from the Thanksgiving Point Christmas light show!

We went to Temple Square and missed the lights but saw some outside of the square!


New Years Day one of Kev's best friends Ross and is family came over
(they were visiting from AZ.)
We played games, ate, talked, ate some more, played more games and talked some more! Wonderful!

Audrey and their oldest, Isis had fun!

Here we are!

Well it was a wonderful Holiday time.
We are so grateful for the Gospel and the knowledege of why Jesus Christ came to this earth!
This year we scaled way down with how many gifts we gave to each other and how many Santa gave. I liked it!


Bonnie said...

We really enjoyed Christmas this year, and being with the kids was great. Glad you were able to have some family and friend get-togethers.

Leserlee said...

I love what you did for gifts. That's such a good idea. Especially when kids usually get so many presents from relatives too.

wurstens5 said...

looks like a fun christmas. I miss Christmas.

Alison said...

Love, love, love those broom sticks...where on earth did you find them? BTW, your looking good Annette!

love, rebecca violet said...

oh- i'm so glad you are posting about christmas... makes me feel good about getting things done late too!