Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I like Ketchup...

... catch up on the other hand...not so much! Why can't I post more regularly? Oh well, all I can say is I'm going to try to be better. I missed July completely but here's some of our August fun pictures.

Kyle and Kaden feeding a goat at Reeds Dairy.

Bagley Family Reunion - Heber City, UT

Me and my 3 cousins (my sisters from another mother) and some of our kids plus my other cousin's daughter too.

Me holding my cousin Tonya's newborn baby girl Arilyn! She was so precious!

Kyle and his cousin Sage - they have so much fun together.

Audrey and my cousin Laura's daughter Dee Dee - they love playing together!

Swim lessons were a success for all this year...they learned so much.

Audrey can do the front and back crawl, the back float, the dead mans float, the side stroke, and loves to swim underwater and of course do gymnastics under water too.

Kyle learned how to do the front crawl, the back float, the dead mans float and was the least nervous going off the diving board out of all 3.

Kaden cried the whole time the first day (it was his first year) but ended up being the most improved. By the end he was doing everything with the teachers that he was supposed to do.

Here's Ky doing the front crawl at the Hotel we stayed at the night before the Reunion.

Here's Ky jumping off the diving board at my friend's parent's pool.

Here he is doing a cool move off the slide.

Kaden doing a back float with his teacher - notice the rubber duck...that's something they gave him the 2nd day since he was a cryer the 1st day!

Here he is on the steps at the hotel pool!

More of him on the steps...maybe next year he'll want to do more on his own.

Again he's on the steps now at my friend's parent's pool.

Audrey doing her back float at the hotel pool.

And the side stroke.

Hallelujah she finally really jumped off a diving board!!!

Our present from my mom for Christmas was a zoo we had to invite her to come one of the 4 times we went (so far.)

On the lion.

The drinking fountain lion is always a must.

Love the cutouts!

Summer wouldn't be summer without snowcones!

Here are the kids in front of the Library with their lists of the books they read or had read to them...Audrey read 100 books again this summer and Kyle read more than 20 books all by himself!

They love playing the computers there.

Oh and Audrey won a free book from Barnes and Noble for reading 10 books and writing about them.

My goofy kids after church...

...And here they are being cute after church another day.


Scott and Jeanne Anderson said...

Those are definitely some very cute kids! Glad we found eachother in the blogosphere!

Liza Jane said...

Thanks for catching us up on your summer - looks like it was a fun one!