Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Day at the Aquatic Center

Note - this isn't a video, don't press play - it's just this one page of pictures.

On Friday, July 3rd Kevin had a day off. We ventured out to "The Beach" (Rigby Lake) but there was a BIG thunder and lightning storm. So off to the Aquatic Center we went instead - with a great view from the van of the beautiful lightning. We had a free summer pass the kids earned from the Summer Reading Program at the Library. Not bad, all we had to pay was $3 for 3 life jackets.

Audrey was swimming a lot on her own. She is getting good! She loves to do underwater tea parties and of course, like mother like daughter, lots of flips! I love her back float. And, she finally went down the slide for the first time.

Kyle was going crazy in the water as usual. He really loves it too. He was brave enough to go down the slide also and that shocked me. Audrey and he went down it 10 times. The last time he went down it, he twisted his body so he landed in the water facing the slide. He called it his "trick" and I was impressed!

Kaden was having fun on the stairs as usual. He wanted to take swimming lessons so bad last year (he was too young and was ticked when the other two got in and tried to jump in himself) but he wouldn't really let me do anything with him in the water. I am going to sign him up for lessons and see if he'll get a little more comfortable. He does blow some mad bubbles, though!

It turned out to be a good time for all!


Nettie! said...

I'm not very good at learning new things on the computer...this is not a video so if you press play you'll want to press pause. It's just a page of pictures and if you want to see it bigger you'll have to click on "scrapblog" on the bottom. It will open up a new window and then you can click on my scrapbook page I made to see it bigger.

Anyone have any suggestions on making a collage of pictures that shows up bigger on your blog and that you can click on the individual pictures to see them? That's what I was aiming for...

Nettie! said...

Nope I wrote that wrong - when you click on "scrapblog", it will bring up a new window with the page and then you can click on "view full page" to see it bigger. (Clicking on the scrapbook page won't do anything.)

Sara said...

Fun! I love going to the local pool and swimming with the kids. Summer is the best!

Jill said...

Found your blog...and it's cute! :)

I love ways to stay in touch.

Liza Jane said...

Looks like such a fun time!