Thursday, August 21, 2008

Audrey starts second grade

Well my little reader was busy with books this summer. She read over 100 books and got a lot of awards through the public library's summer reading program. At the beginning of the summer her favorite books were Junie B. Jones. Then, she moved to Babysitter's Club - Kid Sister books and read almost all in the series. Now she's starting the Harry Potter series and loves it. It was cool for her to get to put her name up on the board in the children's department of the library.

As of today, my babydoll is a second grader! (She is skipping first grade.) This is before back to school night. She wore that dress the first day of Kindergarten a year ago and it's amazing to compare the pictures. She's grown so much and looks so different!

Since she is reading Harry Potter, playing magic is something the kids are doing more of at home - hence the broom for this shot!

This is what her new school looks like. (Since we have a house currently getting built in the zone for this school, we are starting her here instead of having to transfer her during the year.)

It's an older school and very unique. It's rather big so it has a separate cafeteria and gym, and also has things like a science lab, a big computer lab and even an auditorium!

She got to "sleep in" compared to last year. I didn't have to wake her up until 7am - and that was allowing extra time to get ready (school starts at 8:45am and she catches the bus at 8:10am.) Last year at the other school she went to, school started at 7:55am so she was getting up closer to 6am to catch the bus at 6:40am!

I love to have her in my signature "tiny ponytails going up her head" hairdo that I made up many years ago. (No she doesn't have to put her head upside down for that!)

So grown up - where DID the time go?!

That backpack was love at first sight for her.

Of course she was more ready to go than I was ready to let her!

Mrs. Puckett is her teacher and I can tell she's going to be great! There's a deaf child in the class so there is a Sign Language Interpreter there all day - they are going to learn a lot of sign language this year!

I was so glad she was running to me with open arms when she got off the bus at the end of the day. I missed her so much! (I'm sure I'll get used to it though.)

And the end of the day means reading in bed - she started the first Harry Potter book last week and is only a couple chapters away from finishing!


wurstens5 said...

It's crazy how the time goes. Fun trip to Seattle. I didn't even know that stuff was real.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful little granddaughter, and how she has grown since last year! I couldn't believe the photos -- I guess we don't notice the change when we see her on a daily basis. She was certainly excited to be going to school all day. MOM

organicnicole said...

Has Audrey read any of the Box Car Children? Ivy loved those.

Sara said...

I can tell you are so proud of her and I don't blame you! She's so cute.

Rebecca D. said...

What an exciting time for her!!! I love early readers!It's such a huge stepping stone!!!

Julie D. said...

She is really cute. I went to school at Ammon Elementary too! :) Luv YA!

Paul said...

I had so much fun catching up with you via your blog. I have to say that I LOVED that you went to Forks(Seattle is great too)! What a fun trip that would be. I love the twilight series and loved looking at all of your stops. About coming to Germany...whenever you want to come we have a guest room ready. We should be here til December 2010.

Nettie! said...

Well Holly - December 2010 would still be earlier than we'd think we could make it there...BUT, we can dream!!!

alli said...

Wow! Audrey looks even more grown up then the last time I saw her, which was only a couple of months ago. My blog page is now open to all and the Seattle pictures are on there so check it out.

Julie D. said...

This is where I got my blogger background...

Hope you're having a GREAT week! Luv YA!

JandK Manwaring Family said...

She looks adorable! I went to Ammon Elementary when I was a kid and it was SO old back then! It sounds like she enjoys school and learning, and how great that she loves to read so much.