Friday, June 20, 2008

I Love My Family!!!

It's been awhile, but it isn't because nothing's been going on - of course it's quite the opposite! Here's some pictures of the kids, etc. that I've been needing to put up. I still need to do both my son's b-day and party posts in addition to 2 family member b-days (Melanie's and Sage's) that I missed last year right after I started the blog ... oh, yeah...

Happy 1st "Blog B-day to Me" - in April!!!

And of course I need to post a lot about our fun-filled summer we've been having. (Plus I never posted our fun in the sun from last summer - woops. I'm not someone who has to be on the computer every day so I do get behind on my blogging and checking other's blogs - but I'm sure I'll improve one of these days!)

Audrey had a great year doing ballet at Studio One! They put on Swan Lake this June and of course it made me cry. I have to admit her acting (she was in all of act 3 and did two dances in it and had to act in between) was exceptional! (She had acted when we were in the Nutcracker also and had a real knack!) She is such a natural! And of course her ballet was gorgeous - she's also a natural at that! The production was so beautiful! Unfortunately it required a TON of extra rehearsals btw. ballet and jazz- we were doing something for dance 1-2xs a day 4-6 days a week the last month - and it was too much. We found a different Studio called "Infinity" that isn't in to a lot of extra practices (hardly any) and also is 50% less expensive. We'll miss Studio One a lot though! Especially her teacher Miss Dantzel!!!

During her year at Studio One they did two competitions for jazz and one recital. It was to the song "Hit the Road Jack" (Sara Grant, I totally remember you doing your tap dance to that song in the Ward Talent Show!) She did great - that's her in the center doing the split - she's VERY flexible like me. They did very well and Audrey did this dance by herself in the school Talent Show (she had to try out in front of her whole class and be voted by the students as the one and only A.M. Kindergartner to perform!) A lot of parents came to me afterwards and commented on how talented she was!

This was in the paper on July 5th. That's Audrey the 3rd from the right on the Infinity Dance float during the 4th of July Parade! I think it will be a good switch - I love the owner already and Audrey's made new friends from being 0n the float together. She'll start the Dance Camp next Monday.

AND Audrey was in the newspaper again yesterday! (Kyle's in there too in the big group picture.) They had a professional storyteller come for storytime at the Library and he picked her to be his spider daughter (he was the father spider and he also chose a boy to be his spider son.) Yes that's her on the bottom right with two missing teeth front and center!!! She did so good at everything he asked her to do - I definitely see acting in her future.

And then there's Kyle - my big 4 year old! He is starting to be a really funny kid. He also is starting to be another helper to mom a lot of the time and is very good with his brother and sister (most of the time.) He is lucky because he's very good friends with Audrey and Kaden. He can play a lot with either one! He can still be very shy and unpredictable. But as always he is very cute, charming, fun-loving and he's always been my most affectionate (with me) and really the child that acts like he needs me the most (which can be good and bad!) He is starting to warm up to a people quickly at random times - just yesterday he started telling a stranger at the store all about his new backpack for preschool. He's funny because usually he can be so slow to warm up to new situations or people (getting pictures taken, swimming lessons, church classes, refusing to give talks in Primary or sing in sacrament with his peers for mother's or father's day, etc.) but other times he surprises you and doesn't act shy at all!

Kyle is growing up so fast. He's getting smarter by the minute and preschool will only be to assist him socially because he's already starting to read and write and do simple math!

These pictures were a challenge to get. As always, he is very slow to warm up at the photo studio! It took me almost 20 minutes just to coax him into sitting down where he needed to! Thank goodness I always get the manager, Kerry at Pennies Studio, to take his pics - she' so patient and fun and we're actually starting to form a relationship with her! (He's probably one of her hardest subjects to shoot!)

I probably should mention that, although it may surprise you, Kyle is a lot like how I used to be! Yes that's right - until around 1st grade or so, I was very shy and had anxiety about new things! Here's some proof if you don't believe me - these pictures were taken at home... because I would cry (at least Ky doesn't do that - he just won't budge) when my mom tried to get my picture taken at a Studio. My mom wasn't as stubborn as I am (big surprise) and just did them at home for a few years. By the way, I'm 4 here - do you see a resemblance btw. Ky and I?

OH and Kyle loves to color (paint, do playdough, anything artsy) and is starting to use as many colors at one time like his sister always does! He also loves singing, dancing, swimming and playing outside (and finally got on his bike after having it for a year and now LOVES riding it!)

And then there's my baby - who's TWO?!?!?! It's sad because he is so not a baby anymore!!! I mean he looks sooooo grown up in this picture to me! :(

This kid can hold his own in the family! He is a lot like Audrey was - very talkative, not a shy bone in his body and ready to take on the world wherever he is and whoever he's with! NO problems going into nursery, getting babysat by my friends, trying new things - he just says bring it on! No problem going from one thing to another -it's o.k. if we stuff in 4 or 5 activities in one day! He's outgoing and loves attention! And he is the FUNNIEST kid - he's always doing or saying something to make us laugh out loud - he has one of those clown personalities!

And although he is a lot like Audrey - even extremely communicative - which is not as common for a BOY - there are some differences. He is an extreme sports, daredevil kind of kid. Sadly enough I don't think those stitches he just got will be the only ones he'll ever get! Also, it's funny but he is actually more cuddly than Audrey ever was (she pretty much wasn't as a baby - but now she loves hugs and kisses - thank goodness!) Kaden still has an EXTREMELY good arm - he's changed from left to right (although he is still left-handed when he writes and colors.) His first loves are still BALLS and being OUTSIDE and I have a feeling those things always will be. Although he does love to sing and dance (and he will even act, too) like the rest of us!

Oh and I had to add this - it's out of one of Kyle's favorite books and one day when we were reading it he said - that looks like Kaden. Kaden is my best eater - he's never said no to ANY food (even jalapeno peppers) - except cotton candy! He eats anything and everything (unfortunately that still includes yarn.) It's funny because he's actually very small (REALLY short) for his age and the other kids (especially Audrey) have always been tall! But when he's done with his food - he has to throw it! (And put the bowl on his head if he has one!) Luckily, he eats a lot (usually more than Audrey and Kyle) so there's not that much to clean up!



nicole said...

Welcome back to the blog world Annette. It is great to see some pictures of your kids.

janeen said...

It's fun to see how big your kids are getting. They look so much older. We'll definitley have to try to get together when I'm in town visiting. (I'll be in town the aug 8 weekend)

Anonymous said...

It's good to see you back. I love your family too (of course, they're my family also). It's fun watching the kids grow up; they just keep changing. It was fun seeing Audrey and Kyle in the newspaper, and watching Kaden trying to get in the pool while the others were having swimming lessons. You're a great mom and we love you for it. MOM

Greg Anderson said...

Thanks for the update Annette! Your kids are so fortunate to have parents passionate about their personalities and development. You're a great mom, as we knew you would be

Erin said...

hey girl! we moved on june 1st, silly! we can't hang out until you come visit us in NY!!!! love ya!